Monday 5 November 2018

Review: Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships that Changed History by Sam Maggs

A fun and feisty tour of famous girl BFFs from history who stuck together and changed the world.

Spanning art, science, politics, activism, and even sports, these girl squads show just how essential female friendship has been throughout history and throughout the world. In this hilarious and heartfelt book, geek girl Sam Maggs takes you on a tour of some of history's most famous female BFFs, including:

   • Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the infamous lady pirates who sailed the seven seas and plundered with the best of the men 
   • Jeanne Manon Roland and Sophie Grandchamp, Parisian socialites who landed front-row seats (from prison) to the French Revolution 
   • Sharon and Shirley Firth, the First Nations twin sisters who would go on to become Olympic skiiers and break barriers in the sport 
   • The Edinburgh Seven, the band of pals who fought to become the first women admitted to medical school in the United Kingdom 
   • The Zohra Orchestra, the ensemble from Afghanistan who defied laws, danger, and threats to become the nation's first all-female musical group 

Fun, feisty, and delightful to read—with empowering illustrations by artist Jenn Woodall—it's the perfect gift for your bestfriend.

Review: Well this was a wonderful non-fiction read. I actually bought the audiobook so I could listen whilst I was out and about but I was glad I had the physical book to be able to see the illustrations and the contents to reference back to sections I enjoyed. As a side note, the naked book is absolutely beautiful and really is a reason to buy this book aside from anything else-trust me!

I really really loved the way this book was structured. It is divided into athlete squads; political & activist squads; warrior squads; scientist squads and artist squads. This meant that you were able to find a section you were interested in and start there or easily reference back to a specific group of women when looking for your favourites. I also liked that fact that is was highlighted the different areas women could team up in and it actually brought quite a few names to the forefront that I hadn't heard mentioned before. 

Surprisingly, my favourite section was the Scientists squads. Aside from the women covered in the book and movie Hidden Figures, I hadn't heard of any of these groundbreaking women and I enjoyed hearing about women dominating in a world usually controlled by men. It was great to read about women taking and stand and not just in recent history. One of the other key ting that needs to be noted about this book is that women from all through time and from all over the world are highlighted. I had no idea about the Japanese women's volleyball team or the Dahomey Amazons, for example and I am glad that I know them now. 

Some other books similar to this one have been criticised recently for only including single women and so I definitely think that this book is timely and relevant. It highlights what power women can have at any time and anywhere when they stand united rather than dividing and trying to do everything alone. I really enjoyed the format and the language used and definitely recommend this one, perhaps as a holiday gift for a female in your life!

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