Monday 30 November 2015

Review: Snowdrops at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn

When sisters Nessie and Sam inherit a little pub in a beautiful country village they jump at the chance to escape their messy lives and start afresh. But when they arrive at the Star and Sixpence, it's not quite what they imagined - it's pretty much derelict, ruined by debts, and it's going to be a huge job to get it up and running again.

It's just before Christmas but they are determined to relaunch on New Year's Eve, to bring the new year in with a bang. But with nosy neighbours, miserable locals and no money to contend with, it's not going to be easy.

This is a nicely festive short story by a new author, or new to me at least. It is the first in a series, to be followed by two more short stories next year.

It tells the story of two sisters, Vanessa (Nessie) and Sam, who have inherited from their estranged father a country pub in a small village miles from anywhere. As well as renovating the rather rundown pub, they have to win over the locals, who are somewhat resistant to change. Luckily, there are a few who are on their side, and a bit of love interest as well. There are some interesting characters among the villagers, including ones that might be familiar to anyone who has experienced life in a small community.

I enjoyed the story in as far as it went, but there is a bit of mystery hinted at, which I expect is going to emerge in later parts. This makes the ending a little unsatisfactory for anyone as impatient as me. However, the story is well written and I am looking forward to finding out how the girls are faring in the next instalment. I'm sure it will be worth the wait! 

Thursday 26 November 2015

Review: What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

A summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk Tess Brookes was the girl with a plan. Now she's the girl with a choice. Should she stay in London and start her own advertising agency with her best friend and potential boyfriend Charlie? Or should she head to exciting Milan to pursue both a new career as a photographer and a new man, the enigmatic and elusive (and highly irritating) Nick? For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants. 

Review: I wanted to get this one read because I know that A Girl's Best Friend has just come out. I read About a Girl  when it first came out and so I did find this one a little hard to get into because I couldn't remember what had happened with Tess in the previous novel so I definitely would recommend a re-read before getting into this one or else marathoning all three books that are out right now (sounds like great fun to me!) I love Lindsey Kelk as a writer, she did just so funny and says it how it is. No sugar coating, no using more appropriate words, if something is shitty, she says it's shitty-no questions! And this is something you can definitely look forward to in this book! 

I felt that Tess, as a character, was a little less strong and independent in this book than she was in the first novel. She seemed to be fairly indecisive and really relied upon the men in the novel and best freind Amy. Nevertheless I liked the fact that she wasn't willing to choose between her men in a rush, she didn't want to settle for what was in front of her at the time, she wanted to take her time and weigh up her options, much better I think. Of course I enjoyed the other characters in the novel but I don't remember disliking the men in this series as much as I did, perhaps they have got less likeable in this book, I didn't fancy either of them and didn't want Tess to be romantically involved with either. A character that I really did like in this book was Amy, she's great fun, just like Jenny in the I Heart series! 

I really enjoyed the setting, of course I did! There's a certain amount of glamour to Tess's career of choice, or not of choice as the case may be and there were some luxurious surroundings, which were well described in this novel, I just can't wait for her to go to  New York in the next book! I listened to this one on audiobook in the end even though I have the kindle edition. I think that was a bit of a mistake because Tess sounded a certain way in my head when I read the first book in the series and that wasn't how she sounded on audiobook, it kind of threw me a bit. I enjoyed this book but not as much as the first one but now I'm heading off to read book three so fingers crossed things pick up again there!

To order this now-click here!

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Guest review: a Christmas Cracker by Trisha Ashley

This Christmas is about to go off with a bang!

Things can’t possibly get worse for Tabby. Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, she suddenly finds herself without a job. Then to make matters worse, Tabby’s boyfriend dumps her and gives her cat away to a shelter.

But rescue comes in the form of kindly Mercy. A master of saving waifs and strays, Mercy wants Tabby to breathe new flair into her ailing cracker business. Together, they’ll save Marwood’s Magical Christmas Crackers.

But someone has other ideas. Mercy’s nephew Randal thinks Tabby’s a fraudster. Stubborn, difficult and very attractive, her future depends upon winning him round. But it’s that time of the year when miracles really can happen. Standing under the mistletoe, Tabby’s Christmas is set to be one that she will never forget . . .

When I heard that a new Christmas story from Trisha Ashley was on its way, I was itching to get my hands on it. This is my favourite time of the year, when there are so many festive books out there, but this one went to the top of the pile as soon as it arrived. It is indeed a cracking tale (forgive the pun), as I would have expected. As soon as I sat down to read it, I didn't want to put it down. Right from the first sentence of the first chapter it has you hooked. I also loved the fact that each chapter started with a Cracker joke! 

There is a host of interesting characters in this book; even the pets are unusual. The heroine, Tabby, is framed for a crime she didn't commit and ends up jobless, homeless and with an ex-fiancé. Luckily, she meets up with people who believe in her innocence, offer her a job and a home, and that's how she ends up trying to revive the fortunes of an ailing Christmas cracker factory. I instantly felt sorry for Tabby, but I needn't have worried since she has great strength of character and manages to maintain a positive outlook in the face of all her problems. I liked almost all of the characters in the book, with the possible exception of Tabby's ex-fiancé, Jeremy, and his friends. The owner of the cracker factory, Mercy, is an amazing person, who seems to display the true spirit of Christmas all year round. Then there is the workforce from the factory - all of them have interesting backgrounds. Mercy's nephew, Randal, is openly hostile to Tabby from the start, but I found myself liking him too, more so as the story progressed. It was nice to meet up with some familiar characters and place names from a few of Trisha's earlier books as well. You always encounter a few people that you know when you read one of her stories, just like bumping into old friends. She comes up with such interesting names for both people and villages too.

I would say that this book is well written with a strong story line that grabs you from the word go. I'm sure that I don't need to recommend it to Trisha Ashley fans, who will be setting out to read it as soon as possible anyway, but to anyone unfamiliar with this author it would make great Christmas reading!

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I'm Thankful For 24.11.15

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists over there at The Broke and the Bookish. I'd love to share my lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

To me, this list of books I'm thank ful for is representative of books that have meant a lot to me. Either I've fallen in love with a book or a book has resonated with me or even if a book has helped me thorough a tricky situation! Enjoy! 

1. Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson. This book saw me through a really tough time and is one of the very few books I've read more than once! 

2. Dearest Rose by Rowan Coleman. This book just meant so much to me in what it said and how it was told. 

3. One Day by David Nicholls, this book broke me, I loved it! 

4. Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding, this book made me discover a genre of books that got me reading as a teenager! 

5. How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. This book made me a more honest, confident person. 

6. Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates. Everybody needs to read this book, I am so thankful for it! 

7. Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley, this book made me think, I am so thankful for that! 

8. One Summer: America 1927 I listened to this audiobook with my boyfriend, it was so much fun! 

9. The Accident by CL Taylor. This book took me out of my comfort zone! 

10. Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, this book made me laugh so much and made me rediscover reading for the second time! 

Monday 23 November 2015

Guest Review: Wellies and Westies (Primrose Terrace part 1) by Cressida McLaughlin

Catherine ‘Cat’ Palmer realises, too late, that bringing an adorable puppy into work at the local nursery was a bad idea, especially after the ensuing chaos gets her the sack.
Determined to turn a negative into a positive, Cat decides this is the perfect opportunity to get her dog-walking business off the ground with the help of her flatmates, Polly and Joe. After all, Primrose Terrace where she lives, is full of home-alone hounds…

Wellies and Westies is the first part of a serialized novel told in four parts – all set in Primrose Terrace

Review: This novella is the first of four, making up the 'Primrose Terrace' series. It tells the story of Catherine (Cat) Palmer, who has moved into one of the houses in Primrose Terrace, where she lives with a friend and the friend's brother. Forced to find a new occupation after losing her job, she embarks on a new career as a dog walker.

The story is full of lovely dogs and lively descriptions of the town where Primrose Terrace is set. As well as Cat, there are many other interesting characters who live in the terrace, and, of course, there is also some romantic interest. Cat herself seems rather naive to start with. The way in which she comes to lose her job in the first place is really a bit silly, if amusing to the outsider. However, she is brave to start up a totally new career. Fortunately for her, the immediate area is full of dog owners requiring a dog walking service, so it gets off the ground quickly.

I usually like short stories, but this one seemed too short for me.  It covered a lot of ground in its few pages, so nothing was covered in depth and the story moved very quickly. Of course, it is part one of four, so I'm sure that the story will develop more as the other parts are released. I would like to learn more about how Cat's business expands and her love life progresses. Perhaps reading all of the story at once when the other parts are available would be the best approach.

Friday 20 November 2015

Blog Tour: Exclusive Extract from Christmas Cravings by Emma Hamilton

I am so excited today because the Christmas edition of the Greedily Yours series by Emma Hamilton that I loved so much earlier this year is here! You'll know from my reviews how much I enjoyed reading about Mia and her food blog and all her adventures, perfect escapism, well I've been stealing myself for today because I'm definitely going to be reading this on my flight up up Glasgow tonight.

Here's what it's all about: How could everything suddenly have gone so wrong for MiaMaxwellShe’s published her own foodie book, travelled around the world blogging her new recipes and has the perfect boyfriend in rugged, countryman Tom.

But since being spotted with her ex-boyfriend Paul, Tom has refused to even speak to her let alone see her for Christmas as planned. The warm, spiced wine of the German Christmas markets is little consolation for the hole in her heart.

Will Mia's Christmas turn out to be sugar and spice and all things nice  or a deflated soufflé of loneliness and regret?

However you guys, you lucky things, get this extract straight from the book right now! The best part about this as well is that it's only 99p and perfect for reading with a festive drink during a break in your holiday shopping! Happy reading! 

This isn’t how it was meant to be, thought Mia, looking up at the snow falling all around her from the dark sky. Tom should be standing next to me right now, and why isn’t he? Mia sighed. It had only been a few weeks since things had appeared to dissolve with Tom, but to Mia, it felt like forever. At that moment, Lizzie broke into her thoughts, exclaiming at how romantic the snow was and gave Mia a big excited hug. In spite of herself, Mia felt momentarily happy for the first time in a few weeks. Urged to by Lizzie, she breathed in; delighting in the snow on her tongue, just like when she was a little girl. What a lot has changed in a year! thought Mia wryly to herself — before turning her attention back to pushing her way through the crowded Christmas market in Cologne. She tried not to think of Tom. Lizzie was just ahead of her, making her way to the front of the queue for mulled wine. The bare trees were filled with lanterns and sparkling paper stars, fairy lights glistened and swayed in the breeze, and if it wasn’t for the distant hum of traffic, Mia would have imagined she had been transported back in time to some medieval village, Christmas circa 1450.

Mia couldn’t stop staring at the bright lights and breathing in the warm spicy smells coming from the tents serving hot, spiced wine. People were packed into the market, making it difficult to take in all the sights and sounds and smells and foods. Gradually the magic of being on holiday in the build-up to Christmas was working, and Mia was beginning to relax and forget about her troubles with Tom. Lizzie had been right; a trip away was just what she needed to take her mind off things. Mia smiled gratefully at Lizzie’s back, marvelling at how her friend was always right and always knew the best thing for her — even when she had been determined to lie on her bed and cry her eyes out at the dream that had turned so sour.

Mia tried to shake herself free of the negative spiral that seemed to overtake her constantly in the last few weeks. She concentrated on looking up at the brightly lit Ferris wheel that stood over the Christmas market, sedate and glittering in the cold night air. She made herself watch as it slowly turned. She let the jingly Christmas music that was blaring out of the brightly lit stalls sooth her as she concentrated on breathing — calmly and slowly. She tried not to cry and waited for Lizzie to show up with the next colourful mug of dark red, spicy mulled wine.
Mia mused, still cradling her cup of mulled wine to warm her fingers; I was so relaxed with him. How things just happened and seemed right — even when everything around us was not right at all. How comfortable we felt with each other. Gone were the days when I tried not to finish everything on my plate for fear of disapproval from Paul or another exacting past boyfriend. With Tom, I could wolf down half a plate of fish and chips and still kiss him. But more than that, I felt just happy to be with him and to be me — not playing a version of myself, not trying to balance what I got out of being with him with the downsides of how he may have made me feel. Happy to just be, be with him and be me. So how did it all go so wrong?

Emma Hamilton is the pen name for a food-loving journalist and writer. Once a staff producer and then freelance reporter for the BBC, CBC, and Deutsche Welle, she has also written for a number of magazines and newspapers, including The Guardian,BBC MagazinesThe Mail on SundayFour Four Two and Italy Magazine. She has worked on a number of series and documentaries, including one about food and culture around the world. Emma spent six years reporting from Italy and has made radio programmes in many countries including Lebanon, Ethiopia, the USA, France, Germany, Russia, and Cameroon. When she’s not cooking, reading about food or eating it, she splits her time between presenting, producing and writing. She loves yoga, running, gardening and spending time with her husband, friends and family at home.
Christmas Cravings is published on 20th November, price £0.99in eBook. 

Greedily Yours Episode 1-8 are also all now available, price £1.49 each. 

Thursday 19 November 2015

Guest Review: The Villa Girls by Nicky Pellegrino

Four friends, a sun-drenched escape, and a holiday that will change everything...
THE VILLA GIRLS is the story of four young women who decide that wherever they are in the world and whatever they're doing they'll meet every few years for a holiday together somewhere sunny. Despite life taking them in very different directions, their snatched days in the sun in little hidden villas are crucial to them all. Escape, celebration, recovery - over the years the holidays change their lives.
Rosie was always the odd one out - initially only invited as the others felt sorry for her, but it seems that in the end, she might be the one whose life is touched the most by her villa days. For it's there that she meets Enzo. The eldest son of an olive oil dynasty in southern Italy, he is being groomed to take over one day as head of the family.
Rosie and Enzo have a holiday romance that seems set to become something more serious until she discovers he is not entirely what he seems. Years later they meet again and this time Rosie must decide how much she is prepared to compromise for the sake of love...

Review: This is the first book I have read by this author, although she has penned quite a few. I say 'read', but I actually listened to it as an audio book. I very much enjoyed the story, and it has encouraged me to take a look at some of Nicky Pellegrino's other stories.

The Villa Girls of the title are four friends from school days who decide on this name for the group after they take a holiday in a Spanish villa soon after leaving school and decide to repeat the experience on a regular basis. The main characters are two members of the group, and an Italian boy that they meet on a subsequent villa holiday. These two girls, Rosie, who has been orphaned following the death of her parents in a car crash, and Addolorata, the daughter of a family who run a local Italian restaurant, become friends when  Addolorata  takes pity on Rosie, who has become ostracised by former friends. Rosie is 'adopted' by the whole of Addolorata's family and begins a love affair with Italian cooking. The Italian boy, Enzo, is a member of a family which has grown olives and produced olive oil for generations. He is being trained in the art so that he can eventually take over the family business from his father and grandfather.

I found all of the main characters in this book strong and likeable. They drew me in quickly to their very different backgrounds, all of which were well described by the author. I liked the way in which the story was told from each of  their different points of view.  For a large part of the book, Enzo's story seemed separate from the girls' story, and it was unclear where their paths were going to cross, but then they were all  brought together nicely. My only disappointment was that the ending seemed a little rushed. Suddenly, what looked like being an unsatisfactory ending (for me) was sorted out. I would have liked an extra chapter or two there to explain what went on.

Altogether, I thought that this was a pleasant read. Probably not one to embark on if you are feeling hungry. There is lots of food described in its pages, all of which sounds delicious if you like Mediterranean cooking - so beware!

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Review: Five Go Glamping by Liz Tipping

Glamping Check list

Festival tickets
Double check best Instagram filter
Avoid thinking about work/Connor/five year plan!!

A four day break from her hectic life to relax in the countryside and hang out at a local festival (for free!) is just what Fiona Delaney needs. With her best friends, great tunes and a cool looking hat her Instagram shots are going to look A-Mazing!

Until suddenly glamping starts to feel a lot more like camping and Fiona’s in desperate search of a comfy chair, wi-fi and a chilled glass of wine. But when she finally makes it to the local pub she discovers this trip could be more than just a holiday, it might just change her life forever…

Review: a really cute story with some characters you'll love to love and some you'll love to hate. This was a fairly quick read, an ebook to carry with you and pick up when you need cheering up! I really liked The main character Fiona. At first I wasn't sure whether I would warm to her because she seemd a little weak but she really grew as the story went on and I ended up having a lot of respect for her. I liked the relationship that she had with her friendship group and that she realised that she was worth more than the situation she was currently in...

I really liked the dynamic of the friendship grou. I think for a book like this to work, a storing friendship group with varying personalities would have had to be written and Liz tipping has definitely succeeded in doing that! She has created some really funny sub characters and guest appearances and some really strong and believable main characters. I think this would definitely be a good book to read if you have ever been away for a weekend/holiday with a group of friends because I am sure you will be able to relate to some of situations they find themselves in. 

Fiona's relationship with her boyfriend is also very true to life. It has excellent observations on what can happen when you are so set on the road to a gal that you can't really remember why you wanted that road in the first place. As I said, this was a fairly quick read and I could definitely picture the places described in the novel. I think it would be an excellent funny ebook to have with you whilst you are getting away from it all over the festive period as it would provide some light relief from the stresses of the cold weather and and this busy time of year! 

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need ToWatch 10.11.15

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists over there at The Broke and the Bookish. I'd love to share my lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

I know this was last weeks but I missed it and so I decided I preferred this one to this weeks top ten and this is something I regularly chat about with friends so I thought-go for it! 

1. The Hunger Games-loved the book, worried I won't like the films! 

2. The Maze Runner. I've heard great things but i didn't love the book so I'm a little dubious... 

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Really want to read the book first (I own both!)

4. A Walk in the Woods. Didn't manage to catch this one in the cinemas, hoping to grab it on sky soon! 

5. Life of Pi, really want to watch the film and read the book! 

6. To Kill a Mickingbird, want to read the book before I watch this! 

7. The Davinici code. I have no idea why I haven't seen this, loved the book, love Tom Hanks, should get on with watching it! 

8. Brooklyn, I know this is only just out but I really really want to see it! 

9. The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night time. I now this is a play in the west end and not a movie but it is an adaptation I would love to see so it's on my list! 

10. Gone Girl. I want to read the book first and I need to get round to doing that! 

So there you have it, quite a comprehensive list and definitely some here that I know I'm going to try and watch soon (just as soon as I finish reading some of these books!)

Monday 16 November 2015

Help! I'm reading too many books at once!

Ok so you guys all know from my recent blog posts and tweets and those of you that have seen me in person recently, I've been really struggling with reading this school term. Everything has been a little bit manic and so I've been relying on wonderful audiobooks to get me through and give me my hit of a fabulous read! But I'm still buying lots of Ebooks and paperback and still receiving proof copies of books that I want to read so so much! And so I keep picking up books, reading 50-100 pages and then not having time to get much further.

This weekend, whilst reading the first 100 pages of another fabulous book I must must read right now, I realised that I was in the middle(ish) of A LOT of books! Now whilst I generally have 1 paperback, 1 ebook and 1 audiobook on the go at once, this has got a little bit ridiculous! Here's my confessionals of everything I am reading right now...

Ok so I didn't even realise it was quite this many until I had taken stock of them. Some of them I felt in the mood for whilst on a plane or a train. Some of them I immediately began to read as soon as I bought them or as soon as they dropped through my door. Three of them are audiobooks that I'm in the middle of listening to with someone else. Nevertheless it's clear to say I need help. I need some sort of project where I finish these books or decide I don't want to read any more of them and abandon them from my reading list! 

I know what hive done and I'm ready to face the consequences! 

Friday 13 November 2015

Book Launch: How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake

On Wednesday night I went to the launch of the new Christmas novel, How to Stuff Up Christmas, by fabulous author Rosie Blake. As you can tell from the pictures, there was a Christmas theme to the party and of course there was appropriate Christmas booze too!

The venue was gorgeous, Rosie had her last book launch there and its such a cool space with bath seats, toilet tables and then a whole boudoir theme in the other part of the room. Most appropriately there were books lining the area near the bar, excellent décor!

Apart from the lovely Rosie, the party was made great by the presence of other bloggers and authors. It was great to see Sharon, Rea, Julie and Dawn. Authors Holly Martin, Liz Tipping, Liz Fenwick and Kat Black were also there. We had a great time!

Rosie signed my book, which I read on the way to and from the event and had me laughing in stitches and then it was time to go home! Thanks to Rosie and Corvus/Atlantic for the invite and thanks to the lovely Dawn for letting me steal some pictures as I forgot to take any!

Thursday 12 November 2015

Guest Review: The Chocolate Lovers' Christmas by Carole Matthews

Christmas is just around the corner but the women of The Chocolate Lovers' Club have more to worry about than present shopping . . . 

Lucy loves running Chocolate Heaven but she hasn't spent time with her boyfriend, Aiden, in weeks. And then her ex-fiance turns up and things become even more complicated. 

Nadia hasn't let herself get close to a man in a long time, yet she can't help feeling drawn to Jacob. Will he be her last chance for a happy ending?

Chantal and her husband, Ted, are besotted with their baby daughter Lana - but she's not sure that's enough to base a marriage on.

Autumn is dealing with a tragedy that has hit too close to home. But when she doesn't get the support she needs from her fiance, will she look elsewhere for comfort?

Can friendship overcome all in . . . The Chocolate Lovers' Christmas.

I was particularly excited to read this book, by one of my favourite authors, and it didn't disappoint. This is Carole Matthews' 27th novel, and the 3rd in the series about the Chocolate Lovers' Club.  Although I hadn't read the previous 2 novels, I felt that the story stands alone nicely with just the odd time that the reader might feel that there was a history that they were missing out on.

The members of this exclusive club are Lucy, Chantal, Nadia and Autumn.  All are strong characters in their own right and all are ladies I would love to sit down and natter with over a cuppa. They are all you could want in a friend: loyal and always there when you need them.  Lucy manages a coffee shop called Chocolate Heaven, which is pictured on the book's lovely cover.  The shop sells the most amazing sounding chocolate confectionery and cakes, as well as beverages, including rich hot chocolate.  Much of the action takes place in the shop, where the friends gather, and lots of chocolate is consumed there and at various other locations. I'm not sure how they can eat all of that without putting on tons of weight.

The story follows the lives of the 4 chocolate-loving ladies in the run up to Christmas one particular year. Each of them has problems in their home lives and the others are always ready to rally round and help wherever possible, chocolate in hand of course.  There is never in a dull moment in the pages of this book. There is drama and humour, sad times and happy times, all culminating in a lovely snowy Christmas Day in one of my favourite locations in England. Perfect!

As you can probably tell, I loved this book, and would recommend it to anyone wanting a good read over Christmas or needing something to get them into a christmassy mood. Don't worry if you are not familiar with the members of the Chocolate Lovers' Club - they will welcome you into their group with open arms, especially if you have a few chocolates tucked away somewhere!

Monday 9 November 2015

Book of Mormon Musical Review

Image result for book of mormon london

In the week before half term, I went to see The Book of Mormon with my mum at the Prince of Wale theatre in London. I was really excited to see the show because I had heard an awful lot about it but was trying to keep an open mind until I had the chance to see it for myself.

Now let me start with the theatre. This really was a wonderful venue with and Art Deco style but very modern fixtures and fittings, the seats were comfortable, the bar was impressive and there was even a lift, which my mum who has trouble with stairs really appreciated!

The staff were also wonderful. Because we had booked accessible seats, we were met at the door and looked after at every moment from there on in! We were escorted down in the lift to the bar and then, when the house opened, we were taken to our seats, even the accessible toilet was accessible (you'd think this would be the case everywhere really wouldn't you?!). We were also checked on during the interval and then escorted back out again. The people looking after us literally couldn't have done anything more and should be highly commended!

The show itself though was just as wonderful. Obviously this deals with quite a controversial subject matter but in a very tongue in cheek way and the writing is absolutely hilarious. Even those people who are religious would seriously enjoy this, I have no doubt!

From the word go, the music and the choreography were excellent, the opening number hooked me in and that was me for the rest of the show! I thought the performance that the actors gave was excellent and all of their energy was delivered to us, the audience. Despite the fact that this show really does deal with real life issues it was still very light-hearted and I can't wait to go back again!

Friday 6 November 2015

Winner of my Books and the City Goody Bags...

So as you know I had three goody bags to give away and I had six entrants so...good odds! I out the names into my favourite random name picker...

Gave it a spin and it picked these names...

So you three lucky winners need to get your address over to me and I'd you get in touch by tomorrow I'll be able to whizz right to the post office, if not, it might have to wait until next week. Email me or send me a DM and let me know...

Congratulations and thanks to everyon who entered!