Thursday 26 November 2015

Review: What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

A summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk Tess Brookes was the girl with a plan. Now she's the girl with a choice. Should she stay in London and start her own advertising agency with her best friend and potential boyfriend Charlie? Or should she head to exciting Milan to pursue both a new career as a photographer and a new man, the enigmatic and elusive (and highly irritating) Nick? For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants. 

Review: I wanted to get this one read because I know that A Girl's Best Friend has just come out. I read About a Girl  when it first came out and so I did find this one a little hard to get into because I couldn't remember what had happened with Tess in the previous novel so I definitely would recommend a re-read before getting into this one or else marathoning all three books that are out right now (sounds like great fun to me!) I love Lindsey Kelk as a writer, she did just so funny and says it how it is. No sugar coating, no using more appropriate words, if something is shitty, she says it's shitty-no questions! And this is something you can definitely look forward to in this book! 

I felt that Tess, as a character, was a little less strong and independent in this book than she was in the first novel. She seemed to be fairly indecisive and really relied upon the men in the novel and best freind Amy. Nevertheless I liked the fact that she wasn't willing to choose between her men in a rush, she didn't want to settle for what was in front of her at the time, she wanted to take her time and weigh up her options, much better I think. Of course I enjoyed the other characters in the novel but I don't remember disliking the men in this series as much as I did, perhaps they have got less likeable in this book, I didn't fancy either of them and didn't want Tess to be romantically involved with either. A character that I really did like in this book was Amy, she's great fun, just like Jenny in the I Heart series! 

I really enjoyed the setting, of course I did! There's a certain amount of glamour to Tess's career of choice, or not of choice as the case may be and there were some luxurious surroundings, which were well described in this novel, I just can't wait for her to go to  New York in the next book! I listened to this one on audiobook in the end even though I have the kindle edition. I think that was a bit of a mistake because Tess sounded a certain way in my head when I read the first book in the series and that wasn't how she sounded on audiobook, it kind of threw me a bit. I enjoyed this book but not as much as the first one but now I'm heading off to read book three so fingers crossed things pick up again there!

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