Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New To Me Authors I Read in 2018 15/1/19

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Oh my goodness I love doing this list so much because it makes me feel glad to have discovered all of these new authors. I love the fact that we cover the fact that they are new to me because you might have read all of their books or they might be new to be because they are debut authors. Just wonderful either way! I can't list all of them unfortunately and I'm not going to list people who have written memoirs for no reason other than to narrow down the list! (I've ended up with 20, just 'cos)

Monday, 14 January 2019

Bout of Books 24 Day 7 Update and Wrap Up

So here's my wrap up for Bout of Books 24! I was an expert this time around again so I have been trying to comment on people's blog posts and tweets and instagram pics but its hard to remember all the time! I took part in both twitter chats, every blog challenge and also every bookstagram challenge-yey!

I read 12 whole books and 1 part book (I finished an audiobook I started last week). 2 of those books were graphic novels, 5 of those books were picture books. 4 of the complete novels were young adult and one was adult. 3 of the books I finished were audiobook, 3 were ebooks and the rest were audiobooks. Page number stats are all below!

Today's Reading

Today I read Words We Don't Say by KJ Reilly since this was a book from my original TBR that I felt like I could read today. This was the only day I didn't listen to any audiobook at all. I am ready to start a new one next week now!

279 pages

The Books

So here's a summary of what I read this week with page count and a final total...

128 pages

128 pages

320 pages

144 pages (my only part book this week)

32 pages

36 pages

32 pages

32 pages

16 pages

368 pages

400 pages

384 pages

279 pages

Pages Read Today:  279
Pages Read This Week: 2299
Complete Books Finished: 12
Part Books Finished: 1

I love Bout of Books and will definitely be joining in next time-will you?

Bout of Books 24 Day 6 Update and Day 7 Challenge

I finally finished some of the books I was reading-yey! I had a day completely in the house. I did have to catch up and film a couple of videos but I finished 3 books today so it was a good day. Now though I'm in the position of having to choose a new book to pick up for the last day-today's challenge will help I'm sure!

Today's Challenge

Today Bout of Books wants us to stretch or revise our goals. Personally I have NOT stuck to my TBR by any stretch of the imagination so maybe I should read something off there to end the week? Maybe? What do you think?

The Books

I listened to the final third of evermore by Sara Holland-121 pages!

 And I read the last 40% of Happy Girl Lucky by Holly Smale-so good! 160 pages

 And I read the whole of this book. The Flight of Cornelia Blackwood comes out in the UK on February 21st but the audiobook is out now-why didn't I download the audio? It is 384 pages and it was AMAZING!

Pages Read Today:  665
Pages Read This Week: 2046
Complete Books Finished: 11
Part Books Finished: 1

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Movie Reviews: January 6th-12th

Another Sunday, another lot of movie reviews. As always, I go into more detailed thoughts on my movie reviews video over on my BookTube channel which I will leave at the bottom of this post once it is live so if you want a little more detail, give that a watch please and thank you!

I made a book vs movie video about this one on my channel so go and give that a watch if you want to hear the comparison. I really enjoyed this one and I can see why it got all the nominations it did. Its quite a difficult watch at time but a quiet film and one that will leave you thinking!

This was a classic romcom that I really enjoyed. It's set in New York but doesn't just show Manhattan which is great. It also has women talking about their careers and family and not just men! If you're into romcoms like I am, you'll love this!

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Bout of Books Day 5 Update & Day 6 Challenge

Today was an ok day. I had volunteering all morning which meant another couple of picture books added to the list but work in the afternoon as well meant no more time to make a lot of progress on my other books. I fell asleep when I got home in the evening and so just did audiobook before bed, my eyes literally couldn't take any ebook reading!

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge is dream cast, to cast a book that hasn't yet been made into a film. I think I would like to do a book I read last summer because it is set in Cornwall and would make an awesome film!

I would cast Milo Ventimiglia as Jack and Emilia Clarke as Seren. Let me know if you've read this and have thoughts on the other characters...

The Books

I managed to listen to another third of Evermore. I really thought I might finish it today but there's always tomorrow... I listened to 122 pages.

Again I only managed a little read of this one over breakfast so read another 5% equating to 20 pages, its so good though!

32 pages

16 pages

Pages Read Today:  190
Pages Read This Week: 1662
Complete Books Finished: 8
Part Books Finished: 1