Monday 16 December 2019

Review: It Happened on Christmas Eve by Kirsty Greenwood

The top three reasons why I do not like Christmas are as follows:

1. It's super cheesy
2. Everyone drinks boiled red wine that tastes like air freshener and pretends they enjoy it
3. Last year the man I was in love with decided that Christmas Day was a perfectly decent time to reveal that he did not feel the same way about me 

So you can see why, on Christmas Eve, it's totally reasonable for me to just want to get home from work as soon as possible, close the curtains, eat my weight in noodles and watch horror movies until the whole thing is over. 

My boss, Marcy, has other ideas. Her son Adam broke his leg ice-skating and now she needs me to accompany him on his last minute Christmas errands around Notting Hill where we live. It wouldn't be half as bad if Adam wasn't the most irritatingly confident, annoyingly enthusiastic Christmas-giddy man I've ever encountered. And, well, a whole lot sexier than I expected he'd be... 

Review: A Christmas novella? To read during December? By one of my favourite authors? Yes please! This book is absolutely everything I could have wanted and more. 

If you love your Christmas tales more A Christmas Carol than Hallmark Christmas movie you're going to love this book, and there are plenty of Hallmark moments in this book, don't get me wrong, but I love the fact that the premise behind this one is coming to Christmas eve being soooo anti-Christmas. I like it because not everyone loves Christmas/gets as excited about it as I do and that's OK. It's great to see it reflected in a book and Phoebe makes for a great protagonist because of that. 

There is plenty of festive fun in this novel even though phoebe herself is very against the holiday, she has her reasons to be and that is absolutely fine, I love how strong minded she is and I love that she is determined in everything that she does. There are some fab Christmas movie quotes as well as just general awesome pop-culture references in this novella and I really think Phoebe and I would get along in real life!

We have to talk about the fact that this is a novella rather than a full length novel. I love the fact that it is so short because it is so hard to find time to actually sit down and read at this time of year and you really need books like this to come into your life that you can pick up and read just one or two chapters, they make you laugh, they make you feel a little warm and fuzzy and even just picking up a couple of chapters at a time mean that you can actually finish the book whilst it is still December. 

So thank you Kirsty Greenwood from bringing us a novella that is funny and has a great main character, is a great length and therefore is the perfect read to pick up this December. 

To order your copy now, just click the link: UK or US

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