Thursday 19 December 2019

Guest Review: Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm by Jaimie Admans

All she wants for Christmas…
Leah Griffiths has woken up after a few too many glasses of Prosecco with a hangover – and discovers she’s accidentally bought a little Christmas tree farm in Scotland!
At first she’s horrified, but perhaps it’s the perfect way to forget all about her cheating ex.
And when she meets grumpy (but ridiculously gorgeous) pumpkin farmer Noel underneath the mistletoe, Leah begins to believe that at Christmas time, anything can happen…

Review: Anyone who knows me will be aware that I love all things Christmas - films, decorations, jumpers and, most of all, books. I squeeze as many festive reads as I possibly can into the end of each year. I thought maybe I should call a halt for this year, but then this title by Jaimie Admans, a new author to me, grabbed my attention just calling to be read. What could be more enticing than a Christmas tree farm located in the north of Scotland and with a gorgeous hunk of a neighbour in residence?

After discovering her boyfriend is a cheating so and so, Leah Griffiths has been drowning her sorrows and wakes up to find that she has bought a Christmas tree farm in an online auction. Unfortunately, she did not view the property before buying it on impulse and, on arriving at the somewhat rundown Aberdeenshire farm, realises that she has quite a challenge in front of her if she is to run it as a profitable business. Her nearest neighbour, Noel, is not very friendly at first meeting, but gradually thaws as Leah shows her determination to knuckle down to the task at hand. For her part, Leah begins form an attraction to Noel and his adorable dog, Gizmo.

At first I was doubtful if I was going to enjoy this book because I thought Leah was highly irresponsible going off into the unknown to run a business she knew nothing about. However, I soon realised that she was a strong independent woman and admired her sense of adventure; nothing seemed to daunt her, not even a very grumpy and downright insulting neighbour. After all, he was incredibly handsome and had the most endearing little chihuahua. The whole story has been so well written that I could envisage the farm and farmhouse and almost feel the cold settling in my bones as I read. There were some wonderful additional characters in the story, and some great humour as well as romance. This book makes a great Christmas read and would be a wonderful present sitting underneath the tree for a friend.

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