Monday 31 August 2020

Guest Review: Late Summer in the Vineyard by Jo Thomas

Emmy Bridges has always looked out for others. Now it's time to put down roots of her own.
Working for a wine-maker in France is the opportunity of a lifetime for Emmy. Even if she doesn't know a thing about wine - beyond what's on offer at the local supermarket.
There's plenty to get to grips with in the rustic town of Petit Frère. Emmy's new work friends need more than a little winning over. Then there's her infuriatingly brash tutor, Isaac, and the enigmatic Madame Beaumont, tucked away in her vineyard of secrets.
But Emmy will soon realise that in life - just as in wine-making - the best things happen when you let go and trust your instincts. Particularly when there's romance in the air...

Review: I am a relatively new reader of Jo Thomas’s novels, having been attracted to my first one last Christmas. Since then, I have been enjoying working through her back catalogue as her books have taken me on a trip around the world. This story is set predominantly in the south of France and presents the reader with an insight into the world of winemaking. It had me hooked straight away, and was all too soon finished, leaving just a desire to enjoy a refreshing glass or two of wine and consider the possibilities of living on a vineyard.....

The central character in the story is Emmy Bridges, who is living with her father, worried about his physical and mental health following her mother’s death. It turns out there are financial worries also, so she is desperate to hang onto her job, which she feels may be coming to an end unless she can pull her socks up. Unexpectedly, she gets the chance to spend a month in France learning about winemaking with a view to marketing the product back in the UK. The drawback is that she knows nothing about wine. She has a lucky break when she runs into local winemaker Madame Beaumont in the small French town to which she and her three colleagues have been sent. However, this woman’s traditional methods of wine production, which Emmy is shown, are at variance with what she is being taught by her tutor, Isaac. In spite of several disagreements, the pair develop a mutual respect and romance may well be in the air, but several obstacles are thrown into their path as Emmy suddenly finds herself in charge of a vineyard at harvest time.

I found this a really compelling story that quickly had me immersed in the world of winemaking and wine drinking. The descriptions of the French countryside were so good that I was transported there in my mind and could almost taste the delicious dishes that Emmy and her colleagues were devouring while learning about new skills. I thought that all the characters were believable, if not all likeable. Emmy herself was quiet and mild-mannered, but showed great inner strength when it really mattered and I was glad that she was able to win the respect of the difficult Madame Beaumont and the attractive Isaac. In common with all Jo Thomas’s books that I have read thus far, I would recommend this one to others, confident that they will enjoy the journey to the French vineyards.

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Saturday 29 August 2020

Guest Review: Psycho: The Autobiography By Stuart Pearce

In an era of superstar prima donnas, Stuart Pearce's total commitment on the pitch earned him the affection of football fans everywhere, who nicknamed him Psycho. He will forever be remembered for two penalties - one missed and scored - for England, but there is so much more to him than that. This book reveals the fascinating story of one of football's greatest personalities. PSYCHO is as honest and straightforward as the man himself.

Review: Stuart Pearce is a professional football player and manager. During his playing days, he earned a reputation as a tough, uncompromising defender. He made over 500 league appearances and was capped 78 times for England. Due to his playing style, he was nicknamed “Psycho” by the fans. However, his disciplinary record was reasonably good and he received very few red cards, certainly fewer than such an epithet would suggest. He states in the book that if he was shown a yellow card during a match, he would tone down his subsequent play to avoid a second yellow.

Born in west London, he did not follow a conventional route into professional football but, instead, played for non-league side Wealdstone for five seasons whilst training and working as an electrician. He was signed by Coventry City, with whom he spent two seasons, before signing for Nottingham Forest where he spent twelve seasons, comprising the bulk of his playing career. This was followed by short spells with Newcastle United, West Ham United and Manchester City.

The book describes his childhood and his introduction to the game, along with many of the colourful characters with whom he has played and under whose management he has served. It also includes his international career playing for England. His time with the national team coincided with two semi-final appearances, one in the World Cup in 1990 and one in the European Championship in 1996. Both of these games were decided by penalty shootouts, and there is a whole chapter in the book devoted to penalties.

Published in 2000, the book describes the author’s playing career up to his first season at West Ham United. During his time at Nottingham Forest, he took over as player/manager for a short period from December 1996 until May 1997. The last chapter in the book describes his thoughts on going into management when his playing career is finished. Since the publication of the book, this is what he has done, filling a number of coaching and managerial roles at both club and international level.

I found the book to be a fascinating account of someone who did not take a conventional route into professional football, although I found the timeline jumped around on occasions. It will interest all football fans, giving an insight into someone who was a formidable opponent on the field, but who comes across as a grounded, family man off it.

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Thursday 27 August 2020

Bout of Books 29 Reading Vlog: How Many Pages Did I Read THIS Time?


Review: Us Three by Ruth Jones

Friends forever is a difficult promise to keep...
Meet Lana, Judith and Catrin. Best friends since primary school when they swore an oath on a Curly Wurly wrapper that they would always be there for each other, come what may.
After the trip of a lifetime, the three girls are closer than ever. But an unexpected turn of events shakes the foundation of their friendship to its core, leaving their future in doubt - there's simply too much to forgive, let alone forget. An innocent childhood promise they once made now seems impossible to keep . . .
Packed with all the heart and empathy that made Ruth's name as a screenwriter and now author, Us Three is a funny, moving and uplifting novel about life's complications, the power of friendship and how it defines us all.
Prepare to meet characters you'll feel you've known all your life - prepare to meet Us Three.

Review: Oh my goodness this felt like the good old days or early Marian Keyes, Lisa Jewell and Sophie Kinsella and this novel evoked the same feelings in me as those early novels did. I loved this book so much more than I was expecting and I can feel it with me even now. 

I really enjoyed getting to meet Catrin, Lana and Judith and I just adored their friendship, was jealous of it even. To have a friendship like their is really special and we do follow them right from the beginning from their wild 18 year old trip to Greece before they all went their separate ways after a-levels. Lana reminded me so much of a Marilyn Monroe type, trying to better herself through the entertainment industry and having a turbulent time doing to. Judith is the person that nothing seems to go right for and Catrin is the steadying force on them both. I loved these women and feel as if I know them having spent the last 300+ pages with them. 

This story definitely has its ups and downs. I really enjoyed the adventures these women have but its when they get home and have to face real life that really tests them. This book covers literally everything life can throw at a person and there is a care warning here for infertility and baby loss. I loved the side players in their story and they all contributed to each characters plot line. I also really liked the fact that we get to revisit these women over many many years right up to current day and the epilogue and the prologue really add something to the story and are parts, I admit, that I reread. 

I loved this book, it is such a great follow up to Never Greener because I loved this even more. Highly recommend. 

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Wednesday 26 August 2020

Guest Review: The Lemon Tree Hotel by Rosanna Ley

A story about love, family secrets, and a little piece of heaven . . .

In the beautiful village of Vernazza, the Mazzone family have transformed an old convent overlooking the glamorous Italian Riviera into the elegant Lemon Tree Hotel. For Chiara, her daughter Elene and her granddaughter Isabella, the running of their hotel is the driving force in their lives.
One day, two unexpected guests check in. The first, Dante, is a face from Chiara's past, but what exactly happened between them all those years ago, Elene wonders. Meanwhile, Isabella is preoccupied with the second guest, a mysterious young man who seems to know a lot about the history of the old convent and the people who live there. Isabella is determined to find out his true intentions and discover the secret past of the Lemon Tree Hotel.

Review: This is my first book from Rosanna Ley. I have to admit to being attracted to it primarily by the cover, which just calls out an invitation to a lovely Mediterranean setting with a table on the terrace waiting for someone to sit down with a glass of something cool. I listened to the audio format of the story, which kept me entranced for hours. It proved a really powerful family saga that left me with a desire to set off for Italy and find that view on the cover.

The book tells the tale of the Lemon Tree Hotel, a converted convent overlooking Vernazza, a small village on the Italian Riviera. The hotel has been in the same family for many years, and is currently run successfully by three strong women - Chiara Mazzone, her daughter Elene, the hotel’s chef, and her granddaughter Isabella. Chiara has lived there all her life, and is resistant to changing anything about the hotel, while Elene and her husband would like to see some more modern features introduced. As it is nearing the end of the season, the hotel is beginning to wind down when there are two new arrivals, unknown to each other, but each of whom has a profound effect on the easy going atmosphere of the establishment. The first is Dante, a face from Chiara’s past whose presence has an unsettling effect on her and her husband. The other is a young German guest, Ferdinand, who piques Isabella’s interest, but also makes everyone wonder why he has come. Both guests cause a lot of upheaval for the three women, but before all is clear, a disaster strikes the little village that could spell disaster for them all.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in this beautifully written story of family secrets and turmoil, romance and history, all in a wonderful setting. The descriptions of the old hotel and the delicious dishes served in the dining room there would be enough to attract anyone without the draw of the lovely old fishing village. Rosanna Ley has introduced us to some incredibly powerful personalities in the three women involved in running the hotel, from the matriarch Chiara, who had a difficult decision to make in the long distant past, to her daughter who seems so angry inside, to the granddaughter who values the history of the hotel just as much as her grandmother. I found myself very tied up with their feelings and wishing a happy conclusion for them all. I was shocked to find that the disaster that occurred in the village had happened in real life and was moved to look for more information on the internet once I had finished reading the book. I can recommend this story to other readers, especially if a peaceful Italian holiday appeals to you.

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Tuesday 25 August 2020

5 Nonfiction Audiobook Recommendations (Louise Pentland/Naya Rivera/Colin Jost/Mia Mercardo Reviews)


Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books With Colours in The Titles

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Ok this topic was from a couple of weeks ago but I really wanted to do it so here we go...

Monday 24 August 2020

Bout of Books 29 Day 7 Update & Wrap Up

The last day of the readathon was good. I did most of my reading in the middle and the end of the day. If i had got out of bed earlier I think I would have been able to finish all of my current reads but as it was I finished my audiobook and ebook and made a good dent in my physical book. I am actually writing this the next day and I have now completed my physical book so keep an eye out for my review of that one coming very soon!

Here's today's reading update, scroll down for my complete page and book count. I'm already looking forward to the next Bout of Books readathon! 

Vlog coming soon so I'll pop it on here when it's up...

Day 7 Reading Update

I read the last 60% of this one equating to 201 pages

I read 109 pages of this

I listened to the other 50% of this, 176 pages

Wrap Up 

378 pages

256 pages

400 pages

352 pages

320 pages

304 pages

256 pages

320 pages

336 pages

Part Books Finished

109 pages

Pages Read Today:  486

Pages Read This Week: 3031

Complete Books Finished: 9.5

Review: Weird But Normal by Mia Mercardo

Birth control. Body hair removal cream. Boobs. It’s all weird, but also pretty normal.
Navigating racial identity, gender roles, workplace dynamics, and beauty standards, Mia Mercado's hilarious essay collection explores the contradictions of being a millennial woman, which usually means being kind of a weirdo. Whether it’s spending $30 on a candle that smells like an ocean that doesn’t exist, offering advice on how to ask about someone’s race (spoiler: just don’t, please?), quitting a job that makes you need shots of whiskey on your lunch break, or finding a more religious experience in the skincare aisle at Target than your hometown Catholic church, Mia brilliantly unpacks what it means to be a professional, absurdly beautiful, horny, cute, gross human. Essays include:
•     Depression Isn’t a Competition but Why Aren’t I Winning?
•     My Dog Explains My Weekly Schedule
•     Mustache Lady
•     White Friend Confessional
•     Treating Objects Like Women
With sharp humor and wit, Mia shares the awkward, uncomfortable, surprisingly ordinary parts of life, and shows us why it’s strange to feel fine and fine to feel strange.

Review: Everyone needs to read this book. It's not often that an audiobook makes me laugh out loud, its just a different reading experience, but this one had me really properly laughing whilst wearing my noise cancelling headphones! Sorry not sorry to everyone else around me!

One of the great things about collections of essays like this is that you can pick them up and put them down again, reading an essay or two at a time. Another book and I might have done that but this time, I was enjoying this writer's voice so much, I binged this in one big gulp. 

This book is brutally honest which could be a jolt if you're not used to people speaking feelings and openly about their emotional and physical feelings but I loved every minute. I loved the brutal honesty no matter what the subject. 

Some of my favourite essays:

  • My Dog Explains my Weekly Schedule
  • Bath and Body Works is the Suburban Nonsense I Crave
  • Attention Target Shoppers: This Store is Now Rife With Sexual Tension
  • Treating Objects Like Women
  • Items of Clothing, Defined
I could relate to so much of this book and I am sure you will too-add this one to your wishlists now!

To order your copy now, just click the link: UK or US

Bout of Books 29 Day 6 Update

Today was a good reading day. I took part in the Twitter chat, I listened to my audiobook in the gym and I took part in the 2pm (for me) reading in place. I thought I might end up reading more of my ebook than I did but that doesn't matter too much. I also did today's Instagram challenge-yey!

Reading Update

I listened to all of this-304 pages.

I read up to 40% of this-128 pages

I listened to 50% of this-176 pages

Pages Read Today: 608

Pages Read This Week: 2448

Complete Books Finished: 7

Sunday 23 August 2020

Movie Review: Words on Bathroom Walls


Bout of Books 29 Day 5 Update

I feel like I did well with my reading today. I finished another book and started another couple of books. I also managed to take part in a couple of the reading in place reading sprints. I actually ended up reading the least amount of pages so far this week but it really felt like I had done a LOT more reading!

The thing that seems to be challenging me this week is Instagram. I either end up posting really laet or not at all, having said that I should go ahead and do today's Instagram post!

Reading Update

I listened to the rest of this one today-210 pages

I read the first 12% of this one, it is excellent so far 47 pages.

Pages Read Today: 257

Pages Read This Week: 1840

Complete Books Finished: 6

Friday 21 August 2020

Bout of Books 29 Day 4 Update

Oh today was a day! I think the week finally caught up with me and I got very tired and emotional, but I gave myself a nap after work and we went for a little walk after dinner both of which helped. I listened to some audiobook in the car on the way to work and joined in the 8:30pm (for me) reading in place sprint where I actually read more than 5%!

I feel bad that I haven't hosted any reading sprints on Twitter this week so far. I will aim to try and host one tomorrow and then another at the week hopefully. As I'm writing this I still have to do today's Instagram post and also write some reviews... is that going to happen do we think?

Reading Update

I finally finished this one. I had 55% left which equates to 208 pages. 

I listened to the first 70 pages of this. 

Pages Read Today: 278

Pages Read This Week: 1583

Complete Books Finished: 5

Blog Tour: Interview with Lali. A. Love Author of Heart of a Warrior Angel @laliaristo @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali. A. Love. I have an interview with the author today and if you like the sound of that, you can click here to order your copy now. Don't forget to check out the other stops on the tour for more exclusive content and reviews. There are also some exclusive videos at the bottom of this post if you want another taste of this book.

Here's what it's all about...

Lilac Noble must face the traumatic experiences of her childhood before she can conquer the dark entities that have wreaked havoc on her family. On this epic journey, Lilac undergoes the destructive process of spiritual enlightenment in order to lift the veil of darkness and shame that has obscured her youth. As Lilac unlocks painful memories of abuse, suppressed in her subconscious from years of fear-based conditioning, she uncovers menacing secrets feeding the evil within her generational bloodline. In an attempt to vanquish the sinister energies, Lilac finds the courage to discover her inner truth, vulnerability, and authenticity, as she awakens her divine light and overcomes her debilitating fears of the past. Lilac's unconditional love for her family guides her through her process of healing and transformation, fuelling her instinct for survival and her burning desire to illuminate the world.

Spanning two continents and three generations, this inspirational novel portrays the best and worst of humanity and shows how the "tiniest spark of light can overcome the darkness of any magnitude," through forgiveness, compassion, and the most powerful force in the universe – Love.  

Here's that interview for you...

First question-bit of a cliche-how did you get into writing?

I have loved the art of storytelling ever since I was a young girl. Apparently, I used to write poetry for my mother since I was six years old, which I have totally forgotten. I began writing my debut novel, “Heart of a Warrior Angel” about 5 years ago, as I embarked on my own journey of self-love and healing.

Do you write full time & if so, have you always done this?

No, I have a full-time day job as a Business Transformation Architect where I provide strategic advice on improving services for Canadians. I write my novels or poetry mostly on the weekends or a few hours at night during the work week.

Do you have a particular writing style or genre that you prefer to write?

I don’t have any formal creative writing training; however, I do enjoy writing visionary thrillers that explore the inherent conflicts of the human condition through traditional structure, narrative voice, multi-POVs, and storylines to achieve an elevated sense of artistry. I enjoy creating multi-layered themes, descriptive narration/plot, and three-dimensional characterization, even in this niche genre of visionary fiction, with a touch of the supernatural / paranormal fantasy.

How do you develop your characters as you write, are any of them based on real people?

For my first book, “Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light”, the names of the protagonists were inspired by people in my life. This helped me capture the emotional connections between the main character and the protagonists. As I develop the fictional character arcs, their physical appearances manifest in my visions, much like watching a movie. It’s part of my imagination and creative process.

What was the inspiration behind your book?

Writing “Heart of a Warrior Angel” as my debut novel was a passionate process for me. I wanted to relay an inspirational and character-driven narrative that embodied a metaphysical fantasy about an incarnated angel’s journey on earth but also sought to humanize the protagonists’ experiences in the real world, in a way that readers would be able to relate. I have had the pleasure of working with many brave men and women warriors that have shared their stories with me of their childhood violence, and I was astounded to discover how many innocent people suffer due to the generational cycle of alcoholism and abuse. 

I was inspired to write an emotionally evoking thriller where I could raise awareness on these relevant issues through the characters and share some philosophical insights into epistemology, quantum physics and energy healing. I am humbled to be able to tell this heart-wrenching tale that reflects the realities survivors from various forms of violence, giving them a voice through my characters. It was important to relay a poignant thriller that may resonate with readers and perhaps also serve as a catalyst for changing conversations. For me, even if one person can heal from this beautiful tapestry of emotions and metaphysical healing, I have fulfilled my intention for this book.

What is your writing process-do you plan it out first? Write a bit at a time?

I am definitely a plotter. I have so many ideas in my head that I need to organize my thoughts by chapters. I usually begin with the book title, the draft synopsis, themes, initiating incidents, plot arcs, crisis, and resolution. This inspires me to produce a structured storyline and identify the areas that require further research. Then I focus on world building and compelling storytelling in a sequential manner, as the story unfolds.

How much of you is reflected in your writing?

This story touches on some sensitive subject matter of childhood trauma and fear-based conditioning through the eyes of the main character, Lilac Noble, as she struggled to liberate herself from the shadows of her past and the evil entities that had plagued her bloodline for generations. From the systemic abuse and repression that had long scarred Lilac’s family tree to post-traumatic stress symptoms and the battle between traditional healing and modern therapy, this story relays some of the most challenging issues people face today.

By removing the veil of secrecy and shame, the story recounts how the protagonists heal from their past through self-actualization, in a vulnerable and authentic manner. I wanted to write a thoughtful, empowering, and challenging novel about perseverance, resiliency, compassion, forgiveness, and portray a story that transcended pain into unconditional love.

When I developed the main character, Lilac, I had to imagine how an incarnated angel’s true identity could be stripped away in modern-day society, by humanizing the fantasy. I wanted to make her real, authentic, and vulnerable, relaying raw emotions and internal conflict that readers could relate to as she struggled to understand her Soul purpose in the face of darkness. I had to dig deep into my own childhood trauma to relay the authentic experiences of the protagonists. As readers vicariously wade through Lilac’s past experiences of financial hardship, pain, cruelty, and the long-term effects of post-traumatic stress, it was essential to relay her sheer determination to protect her loved ones from harm. She was broken, far from perfect and layered with her own scars, but accepting of her emotional volatility as she actively sought healing techniques to expand her consciousness and discover her identity.

I wanted to portray Lilac as a multi-dimensional character, compelled by pure, unconditional love, giving her layers of emotional and spiritual depth throughout her self-realization journey, as she discovered her warrior wings and began to conquer the evil entities that have been sent to derail her divine mission of breaking the generational bloodline curse.
What kind of research did you have to do before/during writing behind your book?

I was naturally interested in the field of metaphysics when I embarked on my own journey of self-love, healing, and quantum physics prior to writing my book. My research included a self-help book written by a spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn called "Whatever arises, Love that" which triggered my awakening process. I also began learning how to meditate by following Deepak Chopra's 21-day challenge on YouTube, and I found that I was really intrigued by the whole notion of metaphysics, quantum physics and the study of reality. I loved Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth", which really resonated with me. Deepak Chopra's book "You Are the Universe" and "You Are the Placebo" by Dr. Joe Dispenza have been instrumental in my quest for knowledge and understanding of epigenetics and the universal laws of energy that has inspired the visionary fiction component of my book

How much attention do you pay to the reviews that you get?

I am extremely grateful for all feedback that I receive. I am cognizant of the fact that not all readers will relate to this genre and may not enjoy reading about the sensitive subject matter in my book. I wanted to relay this fictional story with a unique writing style to honor the journey of all the characters. When the story does resonate with readers, their feedback and reviews provide such heart-felt elation and fulfillment. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the reasons I wrote this book in the first place.

Are friends and family supportive of your writing?

Absolutely! I am so blessed to have family and friends that have been extremely supportive and proud of my passion to provide thought-provoking, gripping, and inspirational novels. They are my first beta readers and I totally value their input and feedback.

How do you feel leading up to your publication day?

So many emotions! Mostly, I am anchored in a state of gratitude and humility to be able to share my creativity with the world. It’s such a humbling experience that is filled with excitement, humility, and nervousness at the same time.
Which other authors inspire you or are there any you particularly enjoy reading?

Since joining the writing community on Twitter, a year ago, I have had the privilege and honor of meeting so many incredibly talented independent writers. We have forged true friendships with beautiful souls from all corners of the world, connected through this creative passion.

I am a big fan of self-published writers and I try to provide support for the talented creatives in the writing community. I have been fortunate to read fiction, fantasy, suspense, non-fiction, romance/coming of age, dystopian science fiction, Queer Indie literature, and thrillers by some of these fabulously gifted writers that I admire and truly respect.

I have read “The Life and Times of Clyde Kennard” by Derek R. King, “Spider’s Web” by Shannon Condon, “The Cherries” by D. B. Carter, “Innogen Forest” by Camilla Margiana, “The End of Echoes” by Dawn Hosmer, “The Honeycake Book Series for Children” by Medea Kalantar, “Icarus” by Adam Wing, “Edge of the Breach” by Halo Scot, “Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers Ball” by S.P. O’Farrell, and “The Moon Hunters” by Anya Pavelle. I have another 15 books on my “to be read” list. With my full-time job and writing my next book, there’s never enough time in the day to read all these amazing stories.

Finally...what are you working on right now?

I have a couple of projects in the works and I’m so excited to launch my second novel of the Ascending Angel Academy, “The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance”. I am transitioning into the young adult category with diverse and gender inclusive sixteen-year-old characters fantasy. The main character, Jo, is Lilac’s youngest daughter who struggles with her celestial identity and betrayal, inciting the rise of demonic parasites in her school. As the darkness contaminates its army of sleepwalkers, Jo must save her best friends by travelling through a holographic portal found in the basement of the school’s library. Jo seeks celestial guidance and the galactic power source to prevent the Lord of Darkness from enslaving all of humanity into obscurity.

I am also launching an inspirational hardcover book in the fall, celebrating light, unity, and harmony through a compilation of spiritual insights, quotes, poetry, and colorful artwork. This project is a collaboration of love showcasing poems of healing and transformation, mixed media artistry of visionary, intuitive photography, and digital art. I am hoping that readers will enjoy this anthology of rhythmical creation of beauty.

About The Author

Award-winning Author, Lali A. Love provides a supernatural thriller of metaphysical and visionary fantasy with her own revolutionary philosophy and unique narrative skills to produce this heart-wrenching and gripping tale.

Lali A. Love lives in the capital city of Canada with her husband and two beautiful children who are her greatest source of pride, joy, and inspiration. As a debut author, Lali loves to write stimulating, character-based novels that invoke an emotional response in her readers. She has done extensive research into epistemology and metaphysics to further her understanding of the Universal Laws of Energy.

In her spare time, Lali is committed to writing her visionary fiction trilogy about spiritual transformation. These mystical novels are based on the journeys of three incarnated Angels that have been brought together in the third-dimensional existence, to realize their Divine Feminine soul purpose. Each of them must experience unique self-realization to overcome the dark demonic entities that are determined to destroy their inner light to derail their Soul mission.  

Twitter handle: @laliaristo
Instagram handle: @vibrationslovelight
Author Website