Monday 24 August 2020

Review: Weird But Normal by Mia Mercardo

Birth control. Body hair removal cream. Boobs. It’s all weird, but also pretty normal.
Navigating racial identity, gender roles, workplace dynamics, and beauty standards, Mia Mercado's hilarious essay collection explores the contradictions of being a millennial woman, which usually means being kind of a weirdo. Whether it’s spending $30 on a candle that smells like an ocean that doesn’t exist, offering advice on how to ask about someone’s race (spoiler: just don’t, please?), quitting a job that makes you need shots of whiskey on your lunch break, or finding a more religious experience in the skincare aisle at Target than your hometown Catholic church, Mia brilliantly unpacks what it means to be a professional, absurdly beautiful, horny, cute, gross human. Essays include:
•     Depression Isn’t a Competition but Why Aren’t I Winning?
•     My Dog Explains My Weekly Schedule
•     Mustache Lady
•     White Friend Confessional
•     Treating Objects Like Women
With sharp humor and wit, Mia shares the awkward, uncomfortable, surprisingly ordinary parts of life, and shows us why it’s strange to feel fine and fine to feel strange.

Review: Everyone needs to read this book. It's not often that an audiobook makes me laugh out loud, its just a different reading experience, but this one had me really properly laughing whilst wearing my noise cancelling headphones! Sorry not sorry to everyone else around me!

One of the great things about collections of essays like this is that you can pick them up and put them down again, reading an essay or two at a time. Another book and I might have done that but this time, I was enjoying this writer's voice so much, I binged this in one big gulp. 

This book is brutally honest which could be a jolt if you're not used to people speaking feelings and openly about their emotional and physical feelings but I loved every minute. I loved the brutal honesty no matter what the subject. 

Some of my favourite essays:

  • My Dog Explains my Weekly Schedule
  • Bath and Body Works is the Suburban Nonsense I Crave
  • Attention Target Shoppers: This Store is Now Rife With Sexual Tension
  • Treating Objects Like Women
  • Items of Clothing, Defined
I could relate to so much of this book and I am sure you will too-add this one to your wishlists now!

To order your copy now, just click the link: UK or US

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