Thursday 6 August 2020

Review: Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis

Emmie Blue has a secret...

A long time ago, Emmie Blue released a red balloon with a secret message hidden inside - and against all odds, across hundreds of miles of ocean, it was found on a beach in France by a boy called Lucas.

Fourteen years later, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Emmie hopes that Lucas is finally about to kiss her. She never expected him to announce that he was marrying someone else!

Suddenly Emmie's dreams are shattered and the one person in her life she can rely on is slipping through her fingers. But what if Lucas isn't her forever? What if her love story is only just beginning...

Review: This is one of those books that everyone was talking about and so I was a little intimidated to read but let me tell you-the hype is real my friend, the hype is real! I listened to this book on audiobook and I loved the way it was structured and narrated so I really recommend that format if audiobooks are your thing. I related to the story and I laughed as well as cried as Emmie Blue's life unfolded in front of me. 

Emmie is such a great character because she is so down to earth and so much like you and me but she has really had a tough life. I won't go into her background because...spoilers and also because the fact that we get to find out small snippets about her past in each chapter is really the basis of this plot. I love that Emmie also has a close relationship with the people she works with and an interesting relationship with her landlady. I loved finding out more about these side characters and how they came to be a part of Emmie's story. 

We get to meet best friend Lucas right at the beginning of this book and the opening scene have to be read to be believed. I loved the introduction to this book and I really did dislike Lucas a reasonable amount even though he has been there for Emmie in the past, has he REALLY been there for her? I'm not convinced. And then there is Lucas's brother Elliot. He is a bit of a closed book and comes off as cold when we first meet him but he is also a really important part of Emmie's past and I loved getting to know him too. 

This book does come with some care warning's for childhood trauma and also absent or neglectful parenting BUT whilst this story is very bittersweet in parts, I would day that it errs on the side of sweet rather than being more bitter and that is because of the sheer spirit of Emmie Blue! I love that we have part of this book set in France, it made for some interesting food descriptions and affords the reader a moment of travel, a getaway if you will. 

I so enjoyed this book I could definitely see myself rereading this in the future and I highly recommend picking this one up now. 

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