Saturday 1 August 2020

August 2020 TBR

It's August 1st which means its Yorkshire Day AND Colorado day. And I am a proud Yorkshire lass living in Colorado-see my insta stories for how I will be celebrating these amazing days!

Again August is a bit of a unknown quantity. I feel like I say that every month but this is 2020 and there's a ton of stuff going on that I can't even go into so we're going to have a couple of main 'themes' for this month and that is Netgalley books and books on my bookshelf because we'll be moving in a month or so so I need to get my physical books read so I don't need so many boxes to carry them all in!

Also we have bout of books August 17th-23rd (YEY!) so that will be time to knock out some audiobooks and books on my shelf!

August Releases

6th August

6th August

6th August

September Releases

3rd September

3rd September

15th September

Library Books

Books on my shelves...

I'd really like to read some of the unread books on my shelves to this list is just an example of a couple I'd like to get to...

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