Wednesday 11 December 2019

Guest Review: Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage by Katie Ginger

The brand new novel from the author shortlisted for the Katie Fforde Debut Romantic Novel Award 2019!
On a grey London day, Esme’s world crumbles around her when she loses her glitzy job on a top TV programme, her gorgeous, city-slicker boyfriend and her stunning apartment, all in one fell swoop just before Christmas.
Esme is forced suddenly to move back to her sleepy home town of Sandchester, and despite the snow blanketing the roof and the fairy lights that twinkle in her rustic little cottage, everything is looking bleak. That is until she reconnects with an old crush and finds herself unexpectedly getting swept away.
But Joe, handsome and charming as he is, is not all he seems. Esme soon realises that he has a tragic past which he just might not be able to overcome…
Surrounded by her loving, if hare-brained, family and with the support of her hilarious friends, Esme is determined to have a go at forging her own path, even if it all comes to nothing. But one question still lingers in her mind: will she find someone to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Review: This is my first read from Katie Ginger. I was drawn to this particular book by its beautiful cover, the lights and red door of the cottage inviting me in on a snowy evening, and also the very Christmassy title. It proved to be one of those stories that I could well have read in one sitting had life not intervened. That said, I did finish it very quickly, and was left with a nice warm feeling at the end.

When Esme Kendrick loses her job, her boyfriend and her home all in the same day close to Christmas, she finds herself with little choice but to return from London to her quiet childhood home in Sandchester. Rather than live with her parents once more, she finds the most reasonably priced place to rent, the rather rundown but quaint Mistletoe Cottage. A food technician by training, Esme takes a friend’s advice and sets up her own blog, aiming to pass on some of her grandmother’s recipes, with a modern twist, to aspiring cooks. Her search for a home has brought her into contact with estate agent Joe Holloway, who she knew at school. Joe has a reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man, so when he seems to take an interest in Esme, she is somewhat wary. However, as he supports her through this troubled time in her life, she discovers another side to him.

I very much enjoyed this heartwarming festive story, filled with a delicious mixture of drama, romance and humour. There was a wonderful mix of characters too, from the lovable and lost Esme and the soft-hearted Joe, to Esme’s madcap friends and indeed parents, and lastly the dastardly ex Leo. I absolutely loved Esme’s attempts at vlogging, especially her live broadcasts; just reading about them had me in stitches. Of course, with Esme’s blog being all about food, there were quite a few descriptions of mouthwatering dishes within the pages of this book. I was envious of the ease with which she could whip up the most delicious sounding treats. I can confidently recommend this book to other readers looking for an entertaining festive read. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author.

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