Monday 16 November 2015

Help! I'm reading too many books at once!

Ok so you guys all know from my recent blog posts and tweets and those of you that have seen me in person recently, I've been really struggling with reading this school term. Everything has been a little bit manic and so I've been relying on wonderful audiobooks to get me through and give me my hit of a fabulous read! But I'm still buying lots of Ebooks and paperback and still receiving proof copies of books that I want to read so so much! And so I keep picking up books, reading 50-100 pages and then not having time to get much further.

This weekend, whilst reading the first 100 pages of another fabulous book I must must read right now, I realised that I was in the middle(ish) of A LOT of books! Now whilst I generally have 1 paperback, 1 ebook and 1 audiobook on the go at once, this has got a little bit ridiculous! Here's my confessionals of everything I am reading right now...

Ok so I didn't even realise it was quite this many until I had taken stock of them. Some of them I felt in the mood for whilst on a plane or a train. Some of them I immediately began to read as soon as I bought them or as soon as they dropped through my door. Three of them are audiobooks that I'm in the middle of listening to with someone else. Nevertheless it's clear to say I need help. I need some sort of project where I finish these books or decide I don't want to read any more of them and abandon them from my reading list! 

I know what hive done and I'm ready to face the consequences! 

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