Monday 25 March 2019

Review: Race Me in a Lobster Suit by Kelly Mahon

This collection of prank Craigslist ads and the real email exchanges that followed is the perfect gift for fans of offbeat humor.

When New York City copywriter Kelly Mahon started posting fake gig ads online as a creative outlet, she was surprised to find that there was someone interested in every bizarre job offer she dreamed up. Race Me in a Lobster Suit collects Mahon’s funniest posts, along with the improvised email exchanges with would-be cocoon knitters and lobster racers. Some correspondents became suspicious, while others seemed willing to play along. The result is good-natured comedy gold and a kind of collaborative entertainment that could only exist in the internet gig economy. Irreverent illustrations by cartoonist Graham Annable (creator of the Harvey Award nominated Grickle comics) ensure that this small book offers outsize laughs. A quick, hilarious read, Race Me in a Lobster Suit is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of absurdity to brighten their day.

Review: This was just a fabulous read. I read this in one sitting chuckling to myself one evening and I would definitely recommend this book. This would be especially good if you were looking for a gift or something different to give someone, they will definitely thank you for it. 

Some of the adverts that this writer posted are just about beyond belief but then when you read about the replies that she gets, you get even further beyond the realms of what is actually plausible in this world. The titular advert, Race Me in a Lobster suit is one of the funniest in the book. I love the specific detail that goes into everything and the way this writer tries to either avid or cause more conflict in the correspondence with each respondent. 

Another ad which actually features on the back of the book is about being knitted into a cocoon and the person responding to that ad takes it so seriously they even resume talking again after the conversation has been initially terminated. I love just how far some people are willing to go and just how easily this writer managed to manipulate them into thinking they were replying to a real ad. 

I so enjoyed this book, I am sure you will too and I will definitely be gifting this to some worthy recipients as the year goes on-hilarious!

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