Wednesday 8 June 2022

Review: A Wedding at Sandy Cove Part 2 (Stitched Up) by Bella Osborne

 Possible spoilers for part 1 if you have haven't read that yet...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bride in search of the perfect dress must be a total pain in the bum…

Wedding dress whisperer Ella is striking out on her own. After years of taking orders from the owner of the bridal shop where she worked, she will answer to no one.

Except the brides, that is.

Helping to make the dream of running her own business a reality is handsome builder Kit, the man she mistook for her blind date. But is it strictly professional between them or is there more behind Kit’s passion for this project than meets the eye?

But Ella doesn’t have too much time to dwell on matters of her own heart.

Because the hen weekend for her best friend Brittany has arrived.

Two full days of bridesmaids gone wild, coupled with juggling her demanding new set of Bridezilla clients may just push Ella to her limits…

The second instalment of this totally addictive summer read, full of laugh-out-loud moments, romance and friendship.

Review: Now part 1 of this series introduced us to the wonderful characters we were going to meet, in particular Elle and Laura but part 2 has a hen do so you know you’re in for a good time. 

I love the wedding aspect of this series and really exploring the ups and downs of your friends getting married and the madness that comes with it. I’m so excited to see what we get up on on the journey to the wedding in part 3 because this hen do had it all, let me tell you. I felt the stress that Laura and Elle had to go through and I felt their exasperation at the organisation of the whole thing!

This story also has an entrepreneurial side to it too though and we get to see Elle make moves to strike out on her own and start her own business in this instalment though. I love the fact that she ends up enlisting the help of builder Kit who we got to meet in episode 1 of this series because I knew I definitely wanted to see more of him. I think Elle feels like a lot of us when it comes to starting over again and being our own boss and I love how he helps her to make that a reality. 

There are also more dark time for Laura ahead. I love how much she only thinks with her head and not her heart but we get to see a softer side to her in this instalment and I really can’t wait to see where she goes on her journey. To be honest I could handle a whole book about just Laura alone. 

The other aspect of this story that I am really enjoying and really can’t wait to watch develop is Kit and Elle’s espionage against their parents. They had a lot of false starts in part 2 and so I hope they finally get some answers in part 3! I can't wait to read it!

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