Monday 24 April 2023

Review: Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paige Toon

 Neither of them expected to fall in love. But sometimes life has other plans.

When Wren realises her fiancé is in love with someone else, she thinks her heart will never recover.

On the other side of the world, Anders lost his wife four years ago and is still struggling to move on.

Wren hopes that spending the summer with her dad and step-family on their farm in Indiana will help her to heal. There, amid the cornfields and fireflies, she and Anders cross paths and their worlds are turned upside-down again.

But Wren doesn't know that Anders is harbouring a secret, and if he acts on any feelings he has for Wren it will have serious fall-out for everyone.

Walking away would hurt Wren more than she can imagine. But, knowing the truth, how can she possibly stay?

Review: Review: I loved this journey to Indiana for what turned out to be an epic love story. This book gave me serious movie vibes and I loved every minute of it. Thankfully I read this alongside my lovely friend Hayley and that meant we could discuss what was happening at every turn. It has it all-a heroine you love to love, an evil villain you love to hate, travel, intrigue and of course, a hero you love to love.

I really enjoyed the fact that this book was in a completely different setting. Paige Toon is the queen of jetting you off to some interesting places for her novels. I’ve learned a lot about places I have never travelled to through her writing, this time it was set somewhere I had been but not just the city, rural farmland too-very hallmark movie! I can picture the farm and the heat of the summer now just thinking about it, it was all described so vividly.

Anders is definitely a brooding main character and in true Paige Toon style he has a career in motorsport-I loved this aspect of him. He is complicated and he is unpredictable, a winning combo in a love story. He has a deeper emotional side though and this story definitely confronts men opening up and sharing their emotions, sharing their worries and taking care of their mental health too which is so important in today's world.

Wren is a great main character to share the story with. She has a complex relationship with her father and especially her father other daughter, her half sister Bailey,. It was wonderful watching their relationship grow over the course of the book and the relationship between Wren and her Dad really added to the meaning of the title, Only Love Can Hurt Like This. I always loved a Paige Toon novel but I loved this one for the characters, the setting and the love that was at the heart of everything!

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