Thursday 9 May 2024

Review: Date With Destiny by Lucy Vine

 Ginny is about to turn 32. It’s a year she’s been thinking about for a long time. Sixteen years ago she crossed paths with a psychic who made some key predictions about her thirty-second year…

Three bad things: A heartbreak, a loss of independence, and a death.

Three good things: A life-changing trip, reconnecting with someone, and meeting her soulmate.

The issue is that Ginny is due to get married in a month… but it’s all nonsense, obviously. But when some of those pesky predictions start coming true she starts to wonder what might happen next…

Review: I love Lucy Vine books so much, she just seems to write to appeal to my lifestyle and my sense of humour and so how could I complain? The speed with which I tore through this book once I picked it up was intense, I just couldn’t put it down, I wanted to read on and find out what would become of Ginny, her friends, her family and, most importantly, her psychic predictions!

Ginny is great because she is so easy to relate to. She works in her family’s jewellery business (which definitely gave me Bridesmaids vibes) and she has a pretty settled life at the start of the novel. Then something shakes everything up like a snowglobe and we get to be with her as she tries to piece her life back together and move on with this set of psychic predictions hanging over her. I think my favourite of the predictions was definitely her life-changing trip, it was clear what it was going to be and it made me laugh out loud whilst reading a LOT!

Ginny’s team behind her are a varied bunch and I always love that shout Lucy Vine books, she really does make her characters like the kind of people you have as friends in real life. People aren’t all the same age in a friendship group, people come and go and people have very different lifestyles and are still able to be friends. I always feel like I am seen and I am represented in one of her books and I loved Ginny’s friends and family in Date With Destiny! I thought it made a real change that Ginny’s sister was part of the group and was just accepted even though she was younger and I like that the friends didn’t always go down the cliche route when it came to major life events!

This book was just a really good time! I was invested in the story straight away, behind Gunny every step of the road. Lucy Vine made me laugh, she made me think and she entertained me from start to finish. I highly recommend Date with Destiny, I think it’s got something for everyone and definitely one that should be in your bag this summer!

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