Saturday 15 June 2024

Guest Review: Broadly Speaking By Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad is the ultimate competitor - someone addicted to the pressures of Test cricket, the big occasions and being thrust into the heat of battle.

For over seventeen years, he's left it all on the field. A multiple Ashes winner and World Champion, Broad was integral to some of the greatest England teams of all time. His awards and achievements, however, don't tell the whole story. He has always been a cricketer of more than mere numbers. Broad's passionate and spontaneous behaviour has mad him a fan favourite. No other player feeds off the crowd quite like he does.

In his autobiography, Broad shares the moments from the game which have made him and those that almost broke him. What's clear, however, is his unwavering belief in his own ability to become one of the best ever.

Candid, entertaining, and refreshingly honest, this book reveals the personal side of a true cricketing great.

Review: Stuart Broad was a professional cricketer who played for Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and appeared in 167 Test Matches for England, as well as numerous One Day and Twenty 20 Internationals. He announced his retirement just prior to the end of the final Test Match in the 2023 Ashes series against Australia. This is his autobiography, written with the assistance of the journalist Richard Gibson.

The book covers his childhood, starting with his premature birth, weighing in at just 2 pounds 2 ounces, and his first couple of weeks of life in an incubator, before growing into the 6 foot 6 inches fast bowler who took 604 wickets in Test Matches. The story finishes with the 5th, and final, Test against Australia, when it appeared he had written his own script for how he wanted to finish. Although an autobiography, with the author’s personal reflections on his life in cricket and on what the future may hold, the timeline jumps around and the chapters are interspersed with ones describing the five games in that 2023 Ashes series.

With numerous colour photographs and a section at the end giving his career statistics, this is an interesting, although brief, autobiography by one of the more colourful characters in cricket. It should appeal to all lovers of the game.

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