Thursday 17 October 2013

Review! The Arcade Episode 10 The Gift Shop by Kitty Charles

Pam Watson feels like her life is not her own. Running All That Glitters Gift Shop with her daughter Erin is more challenging than she thought it would be and their relationship is showing the strain. To make things worse, everyone around her seems to be finding their happy-ever-afters.

In the run up to Halloween, mysterious happenings at unlucky Unit 13 are unnerving the residents of Angell’s Arcade. Could it really be haunted, as security guard Jason suspects? Things come to a head on the last night of October, a ghostly light in Unit 13 heralds the beginning of a terrifying night that will change Pam’s life forever…

Review: Another great instalment from this monthly serial. As expected, this particular episode was a slightly spooky one, what with the Halloween type of cover and it being the Month of October. As usual, there was a high amount of drama in this book; we are given unexplained goings on in unit 13, someone being taken hostage and a fight scene involving characters you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be fighting!

As usual, the episode also revisits characters from previous episodes so we get to find out what is going on with Rachel and Danny, how Eden’s blossoming relationship is faring and we get a little whisper from Joan, arcade owner too. This is always done in such a brilliant way, the characters simply pop into the storyline and then back out again. This episode deals predominantly with the gift shop and the characters of Pam and Erin. We know there has been previous drama involving Erin and this definitely does come to a head in this episode, which was wonderful!

As is often the case, I was definitely left wanting more from this episode. The ghostly goings on is only touched upon, as are the consequences following the dramatic fight scene and I just really really want to find out what the fallout from all of it is! I have no complaints when it comes to the Arcade as a whole though; I love my monthly instalments and think that everyone needs to get in on this fabulous fiction action! Lets all keep our fingers crossed that this drama continues with an Xmas omnibus, and maybe even a new start in January…

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