Sunday 25 October 2015

Blog Tour: Extract from A Christmas Cracker by Trisha Ashley

I am very very lucky to have an extract from Trisha Ashley's latest Christmas novel for you today! I revealed the cover to you a couple of weeks ago and now I have this for you, here's the blurb...

This Christmas is about to go off with a bang!

Things can’t possibly get worse for Tabby. Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, she suddenly finds herself without a job. Then to make matters worse, Tabby’s boyfriend dumps her and gives her cat away to a shelter.

But rescue comes in the form of kindly Mercy. A master of saving waifs and strays, Mercy wants Tabby to breathe new flair into her ailing cracker business. Together, they’ll save Marwood’s Magical Christmas Crackers.

But someone has other ideas. Mercy’s nephew Randal thinks Tabby’s a fraudster. Stubborn, difficult and very attractive, her future depends upon winning him round. But it’s that time of the year when miracles really can happen. Standing under the mistletoe, Tabby’s Christmas is set to be one that she will never forget . . .

So without further ado, here's the extract for you! 

‘When did you realise he hadn’t stopped the fraud?’ asked Kate, jerking me out of my reverie.
‘Only recently. He’d made sure I’d seen him carrying crates of what looked like the real thing into the storeroom, but one day when I was in a smart wine merchant’s shop with Jeremy they had a bottle of it – and it looked nothing at all like the ones I’d been packing. Last night I told Harry I knew.’
I shivered slightly because I’d seen a side to jovial, easy-going Harry that I hadn’t even suspected existed.
‘He threatened me and said if I went to the police he’d tell them it had all been my idea – and since I was the one who worked the extra shifts packing the special orders, I was implicated anyway.’
‘It certainly wouldn’t look good,’ Kate agreed helpfully.
‘But it’s his company and I’m just a warehouse packer, doing a bit of overtime. I told him they wouldn’t believe him but he said they would when he explained that we’d been having an affair and I’d reported the fraud out of spite because he’d ended it.’
‘Gosh, it’s like some low-life soap series! But it serves you right for not having gone to the police as soon as you found out,’ she said righteously. ‘That’s what I would have done.’
‘Hindsight is a wonderful thing,’ I said. ‘In the end I told him I wouldn’t shop him, but gave him a month’s notice and said I wasn’t doing any more overtime. He said he didn’t care, so long as I kept my mouth shut.’
‘Which you haven’t, because you’ve told me,’ she pointed out.
‘Only because I was so upset that I was desperate to talk it through with someone and, if you remember, you promised to keep what I was going to say secret.’
‘I hadn’t realised it would be something criminal, though,’ she objected.
‘But you will keep it secret, won’t you?’ I asked.
‘I suppose so, but more because it would hurt Jeremy immensely if all this came out,’ Kate agreed. ‘I know you haven’t told him anything, or he’d have confided in me and Luke.’

Thank you so much to Trisha for sharing this extract with us today! Now I'm off to read my copy of Christmas Cracker

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