Tuesday 4 April 2017

April TBR

Ok so I think I'm going to split this into the April releases I want to read and then the others books I want to get to in April because that has been working well for me for the past couple of months. If you have any suggestions as to other ways I could do this then please do let me know! My Video for this TBR will probably be a little late because I am travelling between the UK and the US at the end of March/Beginning and April, do have patience! Click on each image if you want to order/pre-order any of these fabulous books!

April Releases

Singing in the Rain at the Picture House by the Sea: Part Two by [Hepburn, Holly]

May releases I MAY read in April (Like the pun?)

The Last Piece of My Heart by [Toon, Paige]

The One with the White Wedding (Bridesmaids, Book 4) by [Lawless, Erin]

Other books I want to get to

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