Thursday 27 April 2017

Review: Singing in The Rain at The Picture House by The Sea by Holly Hepburn

Part Two in the brilliant new series from the bestselling author of the Star and Sixpence series. 

Gina has returned to her family in the picturesque Cornish town of Polwhipple, to help run the Italian family's ice-cream business while her grandfather recovers from an accident.

Dismayed to find her old haunt from childhood visits to Polwhipple, the little picture house by the sea, in a state of disrepair, Gina is determined to help. Long past its heyday now, the little art deco cinema needs all the help it can get. With the help of her old friend Ben, Gina goes to the town's committee to ask for funding to renovate the hearthstone of Polwhipple's community. And what better way to prove the little picture house's worth, than by throwing another fantastic themed screening... 

But Ben's activities are closely watched by the venomous Rose, who wants him all to herself. And how is it exactly that she knows Gina's boyfriend Max... Download it now to find out! 

Review: this is the second part in the new series from Holly Hepburn and I literally read this the moment it hit my Kindle! I am loving this series so far and the length of the instalments in the series mean that you can read them during a lazy afternoon or in an evening in the bath-they are a great length and each is a completely story from start to finish. 

The characters in this series are great too and by part 2 we are really getting to know them and how they all relate to one another.  I'm really enjoying spending time with Gina, she definitely has her head screwed on right. I love the relation ship she has with her grandparents and I really admire her determination. I love the fact that she can come against adversity and will try whatever she can to conquer it. I have also been enjoying getting to know Ben. It is always a little odd when you reconnect with a childhood friend but I am enjoying  seeing Ban and Gina's friendship develop and I love Ben's loyalty and sense of right and wrong. 

There are two other factors which make this series great, firstly the food. There are awesome descriptions of ice cream and coffee in these books so definitely be warned about that-you will need a decent snack to enjoy with these novellas. And secondly, the eponymous picture house itself. I loved the idea of this old cinema, left to rot and ruin, not being taken care of properly, bringing a community together and coming to life once more. Of course it makes me want to watch all of the films too, but I defy anyone not to fall in love with this cinema. 

I highly recommend downloading this series and I can't wait to find out what happens in the next instalment!

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