Friday 5 January 2018

Review: A Christmas Wedding by Paige Toon

The short story eBook sequel to Thirteen Weddings, from bestselling author Paige Toon. 

Four years ago, following that fated thirteenth wedding, Bronte fled the UK and has been happily burying her head in the sand ever since. But when an email lands in her inbox from Alex, it seems her past might be about to catch up with her right here in Sydney. Is it time for Bronte to finally face her demons?

With links to The Last Piece of My HeartLucy in the Sky and One Perfect Summer, this short story ebook sequel to Thirteen Weddings is a must for all fans of Paige Toon.

Get ready for Christmas with a heartwarming short story from Paige Toon.

Review: Oh wow, it was so great to catch up with characters from all of those books mentioned above again! Seriously, if you are a Paige Toon fan then this is a must-read for you. All of the characters that had cameos in this story had full on parts to play in the development of the story and we also got to find out what was going on with them, so although the main arc of the story is about Bronte, there are so many little extra min sub plots in here that really this is about all of your favourite characters. 

Although this is a novella and therefore a quick read, the books takes place over quite a long period of time and so, boy does a lot happen in a short amount of pages. This book is seriously action packed with plenty to keep you turning those pages and wanting to find out what is next for Bronte. Its so hard to properly evaluate the events and the characters in this novella without giving away any spoilers so apologies for being vague but seriously, it is jam-packed with action!

This book also has multiple settings, which I also appreciated! I enjoyed getting to travel around with Bronte a little, of course seeing other characters along the way helped too! One of my favourite things about Paige's novels is that sense of escapism and even though this is only a short read, you still get that with this novella-brilliant. 

I did find that sometimes I had forgotten the plots that some of the other characters had been involved in as they were brought into the book, but the fact that they all had a little catch up, a sort of 'where are they now?' type of reminder really helped so I wouldn't worry too much if you rad the other books mentioned in the blurb a while ago. If you haven't read the other books though, I would definitely recommend reading those first so that you won't be spoiled for them if you decide to go back to them after reading this novella. 

This was the perfect length for this time of year because we run of out time so quickly around the holidays. This is a great excuse to carve out some time for yourself and get away from the hectic food buying and eating and sit down and really enjoy, just like i did! 

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