Friday 19 January 2018

Review: On A Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond

It’s a beautiful day in Manchester and four friends are meeting for a birthday lunch. But then they witness a shocking accident just metres away which acts as a catalyst for each of them.
For Laura, it’s a wake-up call to heed the ticking of her biological clock.
Sensible Jo finds herself throwing caution to the wind in a new relationship.
Eve, who has been trying to ignore the worrying lump in her breast, feels helpless and out of control.
And happy-go-lucky India is drawn to one of the victims of the accident, causing long-buried secrets to rise to the surface.
This is a novel about the startling and unexpected turns life can take. It’s about luck – good and bad – and about finding bravery and resilience when your world is in turmoil. Above all, it’s about friendship, togetherness, and hope.

Review: I've listened to the last couple of Lucy Diamond releases as audio books and I think they work really well when told to you. Because she writes such uplifting stories about very real character, you really do feel like you're being read to as a real treat. 
This book was excellent, I loved the characters, the structure and the setting. I also love the fact that the characters had their own story lines at the same time as having a joint storyline, I think this is possibly my favourite structure of a book. The fact that this book is multiple narrative does make it slightly less suited to audio because it makes it eve so slightly harder to follow for some people. I really enjoyed the fact that these characters are so different though so I found the structure easy to follow and was always able to work out whose story line we were following. 
Another thing I really liked about these characters is the fact that they have got their happy ending, they have all been or are married  and this book follows them to find out what happens after the happily ever after. It is always refreshing to read a book from this genre that tackles that question. I think the fact that these women are all a little older and have all lived a life means that we get a slightly different perspective on the issues that they are facing than if they were in their twenties. 
I found these characters very easy to like and could easily and quickly sympathise and empathise with them. The things that they face and that Lucy Diamond puts them through are really quite tough and each of them are facing different dilemmas about how to handle what they are facing, This book is definitely not a light and fluffy read, these women go through a lot, together and separately. But on the whole it is still really uplifting and left me with a smile on my face, continuing to think about my four new friends. 
I really loved the structure, the characters and the plot of this book and I really think you would too. Whether you have read Lucy Diamond before or not, I think that you will definitely enjoy her latest offering. 

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