Sunday 9 December 2018

Movie Reviews: December 2nd-8th

In terms of movies this week I saw two new releases, got to see a classic favourite of mine on the big screen and then I'm giving a special shout out to a new addition to Netflix that DOES have a very limited release in the cinemas so...

As always, for more in depth reviews, go to my channel and watch my movie reviews video. I also have a book vs movie for the last one I talk about here if you're interested in that side of it. 

I walked out of this one. The acting was flat, it was pretty boring and I'm just not sure what it was trying to be!

This was great. I think it was better than the first because it had way more scope i.e. the whole Internet! There was humour, there weer messages about Internet safety, identity and friendship and it was just a jolly good time, highly recommend!

This is one of my all time favourite films and it was great to actually see it on the big screen. I wish they had done it as a double bill with you've got mail, now that would have been AWESOME!

This was such a feel good film and definitely captures the message of the book. There are quite a few differences between the book and the movie but I don't mind because this was just a fantastic movie in its own right and you will definitely feel uplifted after watching!

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