Sunday 2 December 2018

Movie Reviews: November 25th-30th

So I only saw 3 movies in the theatre this week and I saw all of those on one day so I have some thoughts on them, that's for sure! I was going to see a fourth but I have moved that to next week so you can look forward to my thoughts on some more new releases next week. As always, check on my BookTube Channel for further thoughts on these movies (and for my vlogmas videos during December!)

I thought this was a great film based on a true story, I didn't know that this senator was based on Colorado so there were some great historical shots of Denver and some good shots of the Rockies as well! I thought it was a good film and I enjoyed it. There were quite a few moments where there were a lot of people talking and so it was sometimes difficult to hear what the main person in the scene was saying but I am glad I watched it and feel like I learned a lot from it. 

Oh my goodness this film was awesome and out of the three this is the one I would recommend seeing the most. This is another one based on a true story and all of these films had blurbs at the end telling you what happened to the people involved. This covered music, racism, New York, cool cars and a great male friendship. I loved the history in it and I loved the drama. It made me laugh and again it educated me!

I would also definitely recommend this film too, this was truly gripping and I didn't move from my seat the whole time during what is a fairly long film. I was also angered by this film and spent a lot of time worrying. Again there were some facts and figures towards the end including the fact that conversion therapy is legal for minors in 36 states still, shocking and that is why this film is so important. I saw this one with a friend and we had a LOT to say about it afterwards!

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