Wednesday 26 February 2020

Blog Tour: Extract from The Trouble Girls by ER Fallon and KJ Fallon

It's my stop on the blog tour for The Trouble Girls by ER Fallon and KJ Fallon today. I have an extract to share with you and if you like the sound of that, click here to order your copy. All the author info is at the bottom of this post. Please remember to stop by the other blogs on the tour for more exclusive content and reviews. 

Here's what it's all about...

It’s in her blood…
Camille O’Brien’s father was an Irish gangster who was betrayed and murdered.
Violet McCarthy has inherited control of the Irish mob.
The two women were once friends, but the exposure of the past has made them enemies, and Camille believes that what Violet has should be hers.
Now they must fight against each other as Camille strives to gain control of the mob in any way she can, no matter how brutal, and Violet struggles to keep it.

Love and loyalty are tested as they push each other to the edge.  

And here's that extract for you...
Violet McCarthy’s grandfather, Sean, had doted on her when she was a little girl. In the streets Sean McCarthy was considered a brutal leader of the Irish mob, but to Violet, he was her kind grandfather. His death a few years ago from a stroke had devastated Violet, but she and her mother had stepped up to take his place and lead the gang. Women gang leaders weren’t common at the time, but once word got around that the brutality of Violet and her mother matched Sean’s, most men didn’t have a problem doing business with them, not even the more traditional Italians.
In the wee hours of the morning, Violet closed the pub for the night and cleaned up the place. McBurney’s was named after her Scottish great-grandmother.
Her mother sat at the bar, drinking, as she sometimes did after closing. Over the years, Violet had come to realize that her mother could be considered an alcoholic, though her mother didn’t like to think of herself in that way. 
Max paused as he put on his hat and headed out the door.
“Vi,” he called to her. “Do you need my help tonight?”
Sometimes Max assisted her in bringing her intoxicated mother to her mother’s apartment over the pub.
“I think I’ll be okay tonight, Max, but thanks,” Violet replied. Her mother’s behavior embarrassed her, as it had embarrassed her grandfather, and she didn’t like anyone witnessing it, not even Max, whom she’d known since forever. 

About the Author

Best-selling crime author E.R. Fallon knows well the gritty city streets of which she writes. She studied criminology and was mentored by a leading advocate for the family members of homicide victims. E.R. is currently writing a book about living with autism and also working on her next gangland book, The Trouble Legacy, with her writing partner, KJ.
KJ Fallon is a former reporter with Time magazine who currently works as a freelance writer for numerous media outlets.


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