Friday 21 February 2020

Review: Inside Out by Demi Moore

Famed American actress Demi Moore at last tells her own story in a surprisingly intimate and emotionally charged memoir.
For decades, Demi Moore has been synonymous with celebrity. From iconic film roles to high-profile relationships, Moore has never been far from the spotlight – or the headlines.
Even as Demi was becoming the highest paid actress in Hollywood, however, she was always outrunning her past, just one step ahead of the doubts and insecurities that defined her childhood. Throughout her rise to fame and during some of the most pivotal moments of her life, Demi battled addiction, body image issues, and childhood trauma that would follow her for years – all while juggling a skyrocketing career and at times negative public perception.  As her success grew, Demi found herself questioning if she belonged in Hollywood, if she was a good mother, a good actress – and, always, if she was simply good enough.
As much as her story is about adversity, it is also about tremendous resilience. In this deeply candid and reflective memoir, Demi pulls back the curtain and opens up about her career and personal life – laying bare her tumultuous relationship with her mother, her marriages, her struggles balancing stardom with raising a family, and her journey toward open heartedness. Inside Out is a story of survival, success, and surrender – a wrenchingly honest portrayal of one woman’s at once ordinary and iconic life.

Review: Well this book was a really wild ride. It was intriguing and really gripped me from the first page. I had heard a lot of scandal about this one but I didn't know I was going to learn so much about a person I know very little about. 

Obviously I have seen some of Demi Moore's films and I have read about her relationships in gossip magazines but it was really great to hear what she had to say and to learn an awful lot about her through this audio book. She narrates the book and it was wonderful spending the day listening to her tell me about her life. 

This book really does go deep. You have heard that it contains scandalous confession, but to me this book was just a woman baring all for her memoir. I earned about the hard work she has put into her career and also what she has had to overcome from her past. She talks openly about relationships, good and bad. Health issues and the issues facing women today. She does recognise her privilege and you can tell that she values her children over all else. Demi Moore came off really well from reading this book. I liked the fact that her sense of humour came across and I feel like a learned a lot reading this book. 

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