Wednesday 15 December 2021

Guest Review: Make a Christmas Wish by Julia Williams

A HILARIOUS and JUST-A-LITTLE HEARTBREAKING FESTIVE TREAT for anyone who’s looking for a little bit of MAGIC this CHRISTMAS TIME!
Last Christmas, when Livvy was knocked down in the supermarket car park she certainly wasn’t ready to actually be dead! For months now she’s floated on the edge of the afterlife, generally making a nuisance of herself.
And she’s not ready to go just yet! She’s furious about the new woman in her husband’s life and she’s worried about her beloved son who doesn’t seem to be adjusting to life without her at all.
This Christmas, Livvy is given one last magical chance to make everything right. Will she take it and give her family the perfect Christmas?

Review: This is my first book from Julia Williams. I thought it was a bit of a strange time of year to be reading a Christmas story, but once I got into it, I realised that it’s not like the usual tinsel and mince pie sort of tale. This story actually spans two Christmases, with the same characters appearing in each. It begins dramatically, with Livvy being run down and killed. We then see her as a ghost in limbo because of ‘unfinished business’. She decides to use her time haunting her husband and his lover for the next year, wreaking revenge on them in all sorts of ways. Only her son can sense that’s she’s still hanging around. She must sort things out by Christmas Eve or she will be trapped forever.

Although I couldn’t find myself warming to Livvy as a character, I enjoyed this book. I spent most of my time feeling sorry for her husband and his new partner; Livvy’s son seemed quite willing to accept the situation. Livvy’s attempts at haunting while she was learning what she was capable of were quite amusing at times, but I wouldn’t describe the book as hilarious. In fact, there was a great deal of sadness throughout the book, and it had me in tears at one point. I thought it was cleverly written, however, with the story being told from the point of view of individual characters. This would be a perfect read for anyone who enjoys a ghost story with a festive twist.

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