Friday 3 December 2021

Guest Review: A Cosy Christmas at Bridget’s Bicycle Bakery by Alex Brown

Bridget smiled to herself, certain she could see one of the stars twinkling extra brightly in that moment as if to acknowledge her wish and convince her that, yes, Mulberry-On-Sea was just the place they all needed to be. Surrounded by those happy memories of holidays and special times where nothing bad ever happened…

Finding yourself without a home in the weeks before Christmas would break most people, but for Bridget Carrington it’s a chance to start again. Mulberry-On-Sea has always been her happy place and she’s hoping it can work its magic this festive season and heal her family after a difficult year.

Now, as the community wraps Bridget and her children in its warm embrace, she starts to feel like herself again. With a new business, kids who are starting to smile, and the promise of a second chance at love, Bridget’s holiday season might just be a happy ever after…

Review: I have read and thoroughly enjoyed many books by Alex Brown and was pleased to find that this one was going to take me back to Mulberry-On-Sea, the setting for a number of her previous works. This is book 1 in the Carrington’s Bicycle Bakery series and has a fabulous cover which pulled me in right away. I sat down, eager to find out about this interestingly named bakery, and was quickly transported into Bridget’s world.

We meet Bridget and her family as they are travelling with all their worldly goods to the coastal village of Mulberry-On-Sea, the place where Bridget grew up and the family have spent many holidays. The death of Bridget’s husband has left the family in a bad way financially as well as emotionally, and they are forced to move into her in-laws’ beach house just a few weeks before Christmas. Bridget loves to bake and is soon producing loaves of bread and mince pies, which she delivers locally on her bicycle. The local community, including barman Jack, quickly welcome Bridget and the children, and they all begin to recover their former love for life. Jack is particularly helpful to the family and Bridget finds herself wondering if she could be falling in love again.

I loved this heart-warming festive story, where what could have been a tragic tale is turned around by a strong woman with a passion for baking. There is a cast of really likeable characters and a seaside village with amazing community spirit. I particularly liked handsome barman Jack. He was so thoughtful and simply could not do enough for the family, cheering up both mother and children. He also contributed a lot of humour to the story with his cheerful disposition. Although it might not have been Bridget’s first choice of home, I envied the family their position right on the beach with the view across the sea. I am already looking forward to reading more of this series and finding out what’s next for Bridget and her family.

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