Monday 14 December 2020

Review: Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters

 What happens when love takes you to unexpected places?

Heather Douglas appears to have it all. But living on a farm in the Scottish Highlands with her partner, Rory Fraser, all while bringing up their adorable toddler, Harry, isn’t easy. As a former librarian, Heather is worried that she’ll never fully fit into life on Fraser Farm. And after the death of her beloved mum eight years ago, Heather feels lost, as well as guilty for holding back accepting Rory’s marriage proposal because she can’t imagine her wedding without her mother.

So when ex-boyfriend, Stewart, appears in the village of Glendale, it’s a shock to the system. The man who broke her heart years ago now has big plans for the neighbouring farm and wants Heather to be part of the development. Knowing that she’s living a very different life to the one they had planned at university leaves Heather wondering if she has made the right choices since she and Stewart broke up. Especially when things start to go very wrong on the farm ...

This Christmas, Heather will need to face her fears and let go of the past or risk losing everything. She will need love, faith, and a whole lot of hope!

Review: Oh it was so great to return to Glendale Hall and the whole gang over there in Glendale but also it was so great for Heather to finally get her own story and what a story that was. I love going back to characters and settings that you are familiar with but fear not, if you haven't read the previous Glendale books (even though they're great) you get a whole back history of the gang through meeting them all again in this book and so you can dive right in with this snowy wintry visit. 

Heather is a great character to pick up because she is a former librarian and so, like Izzy who we met in book one, she loves book. That makes her instantly relatable to anyone picking up this book because you both like to read! I also related to Heather because she has some anxiety issues that she deals with. These are dealt with so well throughout the novel. There is never a moment where she sits down and talks about her own mental heath but it is brought into the story throughout the book and so we get to learn about how she copes and the steps she's taken in learning to live with anxiety-such great writing here. 

Of course this book has just about as much drama and romance and fun as the previous two novels. What will happen when someone new comes to Glendale set on making a real estate change? Will there be a proposal in this story? And how much baking can we fit into each chapter? I loved reading about Heather and Rory and really getting to know the ins and outs of their lives. It shines a light on what it is like to be a farmer in this day and age as well as the mental health aspects I mentioned above. 

Of course half the joy of this book was revisiting all the characters from the previous 2 books and also taking a strong down the Christmas tree trail and I really can't wait to catch up with everyone again int eh next installment of this series!

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