Monday 1 March 2021

March 2021 TBR

It's time for my March TBR (already right?) I read a lot of books last March, can't think why, so this March kind of has a lot to live up to. I will be taking part in the Kindle clear-out readathon from 13th-19th March, I will be vlogging this and making a TBR over on my channel so keep an eye out there for an update on that...

Then in another bid to read some of the books on my shelf I will also be doing Mike Gayle March. If you would like to join me on that the books I will be reading each week will be listed below-let me know in comments if you want to buddy read any of these with me!

Other than that I have a couple of March releases left to read as well as April releases and a book vs movie book yey!

March Releases

4th March

4th March

18th March

April Releases

29th April

29th April

Mike Gayle March

Week 1 (Meets Buzzwordathon Challenge)

Week 2



Week 3

Week 4

Bonus Nonfiction Read

Book Vs Movie

Kindle Clearout Books

Here's my bingo board to meet the challenges...

I will follow all the hosts and write reviews of the books that I read. And here are the books from my TBR that meet those challenges...

This is an eARC and a most anticipated read.

This is a buddy read and my most recent purchase

This is one of my favourite authors and is also an eARC

This is one of my favourite authors, a most anticipated read and is also an eARC

This is a new to me author and I know its nonfiction so that doesn't count as a 'trope' per se but its one of my favourite topics of non fiction so I'm calling it. 

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