Monday 15 March 2021

Review: The World At My Feet by Catherine Isaac

 The secrets that bind us can also tear us apart…

1990. Harriet is a journalist. Her job takes her to dangerous places, where she asks questions and tries to make a difference. But when she is sent to Romania, to the state orphanages the world is only just learning about, she is forced to rethink her most important rule. 

2018. Ellie is a gardener. Her garden is her sanctuary, her pride and joy. But, though she spends long days outdoors, she hasn’t set foot beyond her gate for far too long. Now someone enters her life who could finally be the reason she needs to overcome her fears.

From post-revolution Romania to the idyllic English countryside, The World at My Feet is the story of two women, two worlds, and a journey of self-discovery that spans a lifetime.

Review: This book is so hard to review without giving away any spoilers but I really want you to be able to discover it without knowing anything about it just like I did because it really is a beautiful journey with highs, lows and everything in between. 

I really loved meeting Ellie. I warmed to her straight away and I love the fact that she is an influencer as well. Massive well done to Catherine Isaac for not being afraid to tackle a job that someone can feasibly do in today's climate without needing to leave their own garden. This also meant that we got some mixed media text in the book with Instagram posts and also a little insight into Ellie checking how well her posts were doing. We also get to explore some little talked of mental health issues through Ellie. I love the fact that these issues were shown not to be as cut as dry as they are often portrayed in many forms of media and the fact that they are shown through Ellie's story make them all the more relatable. 

This novel does jump about a little time wise and so it must have been carefully and intricately constructed. Although Harriet's story doesn't get as much coverage as Ellie's does throughout the book hers is great to read about too and I feel like hers would have been one that couldn't been overlooked by many writers or readers. It was great to hear of someone balancing career and family and also someone taking a stand when she saw injustice taking place. I would love to revisit her story again in the future because I feel like there is more to tell. 

For all that this book has many emotional moments, there are also some really funny and heart warming moments too as well as some romantic  explorations. This writer has balanced the romance with the other much more delicate topics of the book so well. I feel wrung out having read this book in the best possible way because I feel like I have gone through this journey with Ellie, felt every feeling she has felt and then some. Oscar, Lucy and Jamie definitely prove to be excellent side characters and I loved the fact that they also had their own fully formed lives and stories as well as being there for Ellie and adding depth to her story too. 

This is a book that has to be experienced, I think everyone reading this will find something personal to take from it. Catherine Isaac has done it again, this really is another beautiful novel!

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