Thursday 4 November 2021

Blog Tour: Review of Underneath The Christmas Tree by Heidi Swain


Today is my stop on the blog tour for Underneath the Christmas Tree by Heidi Swain. This gorgeous festive read is out now and I have a review to share with you today. If you like the sound of that you can click here to order your copy now. 

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Here's what it's all about:

Wynter’s Trees is the home of Christmas. For the people of Wynmouth it’s where they get their family Christmas tree, and where Christmas truly comes to life.

But for Liza Wynter, it’s a millstone around her neck. It was her father’s pride and joy but now he’s gone, she can’t have anything to do with it. Until her father’s business partner decides to retire and she must go back to handle the transition to his son Ned.

When Liza arrives, she discovers a much-loved business that’s flourishing under Ned’s stewardship. And she’s happy to stay and help for the Christmas season, but then she has other plans. But will the place where she grew up make her change her mind? And can it weave its Christmas cheer around her heart…?

Review: Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cover of this novel? I love the candy pink shades and I also love the fact that the tree is front and centre on the cover. If you get the paperback copy of this one its also got gorgeous foil that shimmers in the light-just perfection!

I love the fact that a Heidi Swain Christmas novel focuses on someone who really isn't in the festive spirit. They begin the book wanting to ignore the whole thing but something in the Heidi Swain magic of everything seems sure to persuade them otherwise! This book is no exception and I took a lot of comfort in that. This is the first visit to the seaside town on Wynmouth in the winter time and it was lovely to be in a slightly different setting but still have some familiarity in terms of the people and the magic of the seaside. I also adored getting to know Liza, our aforementioned Christmas objector. She has had a whole heap of heart break in her life and so her avoidance of the season is totally understandable but she also goes on a massive journey throughout the pages of the book!

Wynter's trees is the perfect setting for this novel-what could be more festive than essential a Christmas tree farm? But it's what this place means to Liza and new resident Ned that really makes it special. I love the memories that have been made in the fields and in the lodge and the new traditions that are being made all the time-I really want to go and visit but I feel sure I would encounter some romance there and so probably best to avoid! The other thing about the setting is that it provides comfort for the whole community not just Ned and Liza. 

Another thing that Heidi Swain also does really well is to champion the younger and more troubled members of the communities that she creates and I love that about her books. I adored meeting Liam and watching him grow throughout his journey, good and bad. I really hope we get to go back and meet him again in a future novel because I think he is such a deep character I know there is more to be heard from him in the future-here's hoping!

If you're worried that this novel could be too much Christmas for you then have no fear. A Heidi Swain novel is basically as festive as you make it. There's always a mention of the solstice and life outside of the festive season. But if you want warm drinks and snow and Christmas tress then there are plenty of thee within the pages of the book. I love the hope in a Heidi Swain novel but I particularly love it at Christmas time. I actually listened to the audiobook of this and the narrator (one of my favorites) did a great job too-highly recommend!

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