Monday 7 March 2022

Review: Again Rachel by Marian Keyes

 Back in the long ago nineties, Rachel Walsh was a mess.

But a spell in rehab transformed everything. Life became very good, very quickly. These days, Rachel has love, family, a great job as an addiction counsellor, she even gardens. Her only bad habit is a fondness for expensive trainers.

But with the sudden reappearance of a man she'd once loved, her life wobbles.

She'd thought she was settled. Fixed forever. Is she about to discover that no matter what our age, everything can change?

Is it time to think again, Rachel?

Review: Oh it was so good to be back with Rachel again. I reread Rachel's Holiday right before this one hit my phone after my pre-order and it was just such a treat to go from one book right into the next. I listened to this one on audio and it was read by Marian herself which was also just immense fun. I feel like because this was read by the author we heard Rachel and Luke and all the Walsh clan just exactly as they were supposed to be heard, with all the feelings and all the punchlines in just the right places!

It was definitely quite tough to revisit Rachel though. We left her in a really good place at the end of Rachel's Holiday and so getting another book about her, you know things can't be going entirely smoothly in her life. When you've known a character as long as we;ve known Rachel we absolutely want the best for her and so to ease her struggling in any way is always going to be a tough read. The great thing about this book, though, is that it's not just Rachel that we get to see again, it's her entire family, as well as lovely Luke and there are even some new characters that we get to know. 

I think my favourite thing about this book was the fact that we get to see all of the Walsh sisters, as well as Mammy Walsh all together again and interacting and the heart and fun and drama that goes along with this. I listened on my commute to and from work and I was sometimes just waiting to find out what Claire or Helen was going to do next when I got in my car at the end of the day. They are as much a reason to return to this world as Rachel herself is. 

Just like the first book, this one deals with some hard hitting issues and many things books in this genre tend to shy away from. I always love the way Marian Keyes tackles heavier subjects because she does so in such a way that is so unique to her and you can hear her voice coming through the characters and situations. There's a wonderful author's note at the end of the book that is very sensitively written but also serves as a good care warning if you are concerned about picking this one up. 

All in all this was a fantastic read. I normally avoid books that are on the longer side but this one meant that it was a commute treat that lasted 2 whole weeks rather thans 1 and I am so on board with that because it meant longer with Marian Keyes, longer with the Walsh family and longer with Rachel.

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