Friday 4 March 2022

World Book Day 2022-Why Didn't I post Anything?

 The irony of the fact that I didn't post anything on here or on any of my other channels on World Book Day is not lost on me. I am having such a hard time reading the things I want to read and reviewing them on here or on my BookTube channel. This is not because I am in a reading slump but because I started a new job in January and it is still literally taking up all of my time. Yes, I have time to eat and sleep occasionally but aside from that there isn't time for much else. It's also taking up a lot of my mental energy and so focusing on an eBook is HARD right now. I am reliant on my audiobooks that I can listen to on my commute to and from school and my commute isn't even that long so I don't necessarily get through a book a week this way. 
I just wanted to check in and let you know that I haven't been posting as much and this will likely continue. I'm hoping once I get back into my stride of teaching full time I can get into a routine of catching up with posts and videos at the weekend and setting myself up for the week but right now that time is also being taken up with work so it’s a watch this space kind of situation. 
However, I DID have a lovely World Book Day. I dressed up as Pete the Cat rocking his school shoes and was able to read an enjoy all of these lovely books throughout the day...

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