Wednesday 9 November 2022

Guest Review: The Cornish Cream Tea Bookshop by Cressida McLaughlin

Ollie Spencer has started a new life in the idyllic Cornish seaside town of Port Karadow. Throwing herself into her job at the town’s bookshop, A New Chapter, is one way to make friends. The shop is glitzing up for first Christmas and Ollie hopes her inspired ideas will give the shop the edge it needs to dazzle the town.

But far from being the Sugar Plum fairy the place needs, Ollie is fast becoming its Christmas pudding. With the bookshop’s success at stake, Ollie turns to twinkly-eyed café owner Max for help. Can he help Ollie to turn the page, and put the sparkle back into her Cornish dream?

Review: I can’t believe that this is already the seventh book in the Cornish Cream Tea series from Cressida McLaughlin. Like many others, I have been enjoying this series and looking forward to each new release, with its mix of familiar and new characters. All of the books can be read as standalone stories, but I love the fact that so many of the people I have ‘met’ previously get to play a part, however small, alongside the newcomers. I’m sure that many readers will be drawn to the idea of a book set in a bookshop, as well as a story set at Christmas, as illustrated by the gorgeous pink cover. 

The story centres on Ollie Spencer, who has moved from London to the pretty Cornish seaside town of Port Karadow to work in the town’s new bookshop run by Thea, who featured in the last book in the series. Ollie has previously worked in a large London bookstore, specialising in events organising, but, for many reasons, needs a fresh start. She is lucky to be able to rent a barn conversion in Port Karadow from her friend’s grandfather, and moves in with her adorable chocolate labrador. She quickly gets to know many of the town’s inhabitants, but is instantly drawn to Max, who owns the coffee shop she visits each day on the way to work. With Christmas fast approaching, Ollie is keen to help make this a successful first festive season for the bookshop, but not all of her events go as well as planned. However, with her new friends, in particular Max, giving help and encouragement, she is determined to see her ambitions realised.

Gosh, I loved this story, as evidenced by how quickly I read it. It has so much going for it, from the beautiful location, to a cast of interesting characters, a blossoming independent bookshop, a host of twinkly festive events and a budding romance. Ollie’s drive and determination are amazing, but she has to learn to accept support from those around her, which is in abundance in this town with its warm community spirit. She is lucky to have got to know Max; quite apart from supplying delicious coffees and pastries, he was protective and provided her with reassurance. It would be hard for any reader not to want the two of them to end up as a couple. I highly recommend this heart-warming festive book; I hope that there will be more to come in this enjoyable series. 

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