Friday 18 November 2022

Review: Flappy Investigates by Santa Montefiore

 Flappy returns in the fabulously fun follow-up to Flappy Entertains from bestselling author Santa Montefiore, and this time something is amiss in the village of Badley Compton . . . 

Binoculars at the ready, Flappy Scott-Booth is set to investigate.   Newcomers have moved in, a young couple from London, delightful no doubt but they do need to know their place. Who better to teach them the ways of this close-knit community than Flappy herself?

But Flappy has other distractions. An ardent admirer, a New Year’s Ball to organize and manifold appearances to be kept up. How much time and effort it all takes!  Add to the mix the sudden arrival of her son Jasper with his utterly charming persona and total lack of ambition and drive, accompanied by his pretentious wife and their two highly-strung children - and Flappy is on ultra-high alert.

Review: It was so great to be back in Flappy world again. Badley Compton is a small place with a big personality. So much is going on in the village...according to Flapp. New people have moved in, her children are home to visit and so, as you can imagine, Flappy is very busy!

She is such a complex character, I feel like we went on a whole journey with her in Flappy Entertains and yet I think she does grow and change over the course of this book too. I was worried about having Flappy's son in this book because I thought they might have a strained relationship or else I wouldn't like the way she treated him. To be honest I was worried that she would use him in a game of oneupmanship i the village but their realtionship is interesting and I think their relationsip is one of the reasons we see somewhat of a change in Flappy over the course of the book. 

There are definitely some laughs to be had as the storyline progresses. Flappy is in a quandry about so many things. In the process of her investigations she gets herself in some compromising positions and we also get to see a little more of her husband in this novel which makes for some light hearted moments too. Overall though, Flappy's heart is in the right place and so this book is definitely a comfort read and something short and sweet to warm your soul during a cold time of the year. 

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