Saturday 29 July 2023

Guest Review: Caught Short of the Boundary and Other Tall Stories By Henry Blofeld


Review: This is a short collection of humorous anecdotes by sports journalist and cricket commentator (now retired) Henry Blofeld. Published in 1984, it includes stories from his school and university days, when he played cricket for Eton and Cambridge, to his unsuccessful foray into the world of merchant banking, before turning to journalism and commentating. However, most of the tales are concerned with his travels around the world following cricket.

The author is well known for his rich turn of phrase and sense of humour, and the book is infused with this sense of fun throughout. It is also illustrated with several cartoons. If any James Bond fans are familiar with the name Blofeld, it is because the spy’s creator Ian Fleming knew the Blofeld family and took their name for Bond’s arch-enemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld. This story is covered in the book.

This is less a book about cricket, but more about some of the incidents, many amusing but some more alarming, that have befallen the author during his career. As a short read, I found it very entertaining.

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