Wednesday 5 July 2023

Guest Review: Coming Home to the Highlands by Lisa Hobman

Sometimes life is full of surprises, especially when you least expect them…

Born into the Scottish Clan MacBain and the 17th century ancestral home, Drumblair Castle, Liv MacBain has always dreamt of leaving the ancient homestead and becoming her own person in the world of fashion.
From a young age, she worshipped the trailblazing designs of the haute couture glitterati, hoping one day to join them.
With older brother Kerr, the rightful heir, Liv has been free to spread her wings.
Fast forward. Liv, is now 28 years old, working at a high-end fashion house and living her dream life in New York. She’s never been happier.
Until everything changes with one devastating phone call from her brother, Kerr, that brings her rushing back to Scotland.
Old friends and adversaries resurface and Liv faces a difficult decision that could mean her dream future can no longer be a reality.
Or can you have your castle and your career?

I have discovered Lisa Hobman’s books relatively recently, but I have quickly caught up with her back catalogue and am always on the lookout for her new releases. I have a soft spot for the highlands of Scotland, so the settings of her books are perfect for me. The striking cover of this one told me all that I needed to know to be sure that I was in for a treat.

Fashion designer Olivia MacBain is living in New York and building a reputation in her chosen field when she receives the news that her mother has died suddenly. Returning to her family home, Drumblair Castle near Inverness, Olivia learns that her mother has unexpectedly left the estate to her, much to the displeasure of her brother Kerr, who expected to inherit. Never having expected to move back home permanently, Olivia has some difficult decisions to make, but luckily she has the support of friends at home and in the US. She is particularly surprised to find Brodie, a figure from the past who had once been an adversary, coming to her aid; it even looks as though their new-found friendship may turn to something more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which allowed me to escape to the Scottish highlands for a few hours and share Olivia’s life in a castle. Of course, the author has carefully highlighted the drawbacks of living in a castle, mainly the upkeep and how to fund the work involved. I liked most of the characters in the story, with the exception of Kerr; how Olivia could so easily forgive him his outbursts towards her is a mystery to me. I was also puzzled by the way in which she suddenly changed her attitude to love and marriage. As I have always found with Lisa Hobman’s books, there is a gorgeous dog or two in the story and on the evocative cover, a feature that I enjoy. This is a romantic story that I can confidently recommend to anyone looking to retreat to a beautiful setting and enjoy the company of some interesting people for a while.

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