Wednesday 27 September 2023

Guest Review: A Winter Wedding at Starcross Manor by Christie Barlow

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what

Fashion designer Libby Carter has always loved weddings, so when her brother finds himself in a bind and asks her to step in and plan the perfect winter wonderland wedding for guests at his hotel, Starcross Manor, she happily takes on the challenge. But this is no ordinary Christmas wedding and when everything starts to go awry Libby asks gorgeous videographer Guy Hart for help.

This isn’t single dad Guy’s usual gig – and he is not a fan of weddings – but saying no to vivacious Libby isn’t an option … especially when saying yes leads to one very unforgettable kiss under the mistletoe!

Review: This is book 12 in the Love Heart Lane series from Christie Barlow. Stories in this series are set in the charming Scottish highland village of Heartcross. Each features some recurring characters in addition to new visitors to the area. Since people coming to the village never want to leave, there is an increasing number to meet in each book. In spite of that, each story can be read as a standalone since the author includes back details as necessary. This book has a beautiful cover with an inviting wintry scene. Inside, there is a map showing the various buildings featured in the books so far.

This story centres on Starcross Manor, the luxurious hotel owned by Flynn Carter. Having been left high and dry by his wedding planner, Flynn persuades his sister and successful fashion designer Libby to step in to oversee a special wedding he hopes will serve as an advert for Starcross Manor as a premier wedding venue. The wedding, to be held on Christmas eve, was the prize in a highly publicised competition. Libby will be working alongside award-winning videographer Guy Hart, who is none too enthusiastic about this assignment. Things don’t go quite as planned with the wedding, but Libby and Guy find themselves increasingly drawn to each other. However, they both have some problems to work through that might get in the way of their budding relationship. Can the village of Heartcross work its magic once again?

I have become quite absorbed in this series, and very much enjoy each instalment, meeting up with familiar faces and catching up with village developments. I can certainly recommend it to readers who like myself are attracted to the tranquility of the Scottish highlands. This book was a quick and easy read. I particularly enjoyed trying to work out what was going on with the special wedding and the competition winners themselves. Libby is a very likeable character and well matched with handsome single dad Guy. Not only was he easy on the eye, but came with an adorable young daughter and mischievous dachshund called Pickle. They had me hoping that they would get together in the end. I’m already looking forward to the next book in this series and meeting characters, old and new.

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