Wednesday 1 May 2013

Review! The Arcade May episode-Kitty Charles

Everyone has secrets, right?

On the surface, Rosa Rossi and Luca Guerra seem like a typical Italian couple, who make-up as passionately as they argue. But each has something to hide, a secret so explosive that it would mean the end of their relationship if the other found out. And someone in the arcade can’t keep their mouth shut...

May sees dreams, desire and deceit rock the foundations of Angell’s Arcade

Review: When I read the sneak preview of this Month’s episode of this fabulous serial based in a shopping mall, I was very excited to download and read it as quickly as possible. I also knew that the writers were trying very hard to involve as many of the characters as possible in this episode at the same time as keeping the storyline to the main characters that should be featured this month-the couple who run Papa Rigatoni’s CafĂ©-Luca and Rosa.

It was really interesting having this feisty Italian couple as the main characters this month because the other months have tended to feature British characters and have tended to centre around one woman, so to have a couple as the focus was quite interesting. When I say this couple is feisty, they really are. There are several instances of food and drink being thrown over people, sabotaging of contraceptive devices and plots to uncover adultery. All very exciting, all very The Arcade!

The events of this month’s episode were a little darker than events in previous episodes, but just as high-drama as readers have come to expect. It never ceases to amaze me, how much can be packed into such a short novella! There is a brilliant scene with a girls’ night out, which uncovers lots of hidden secrets and hidden agendas for each of the characters, I thought this was very well written as it meant that a lot of the characters could be brought together for the reader to catch up with. There was also a really lovely part near to the end of this month’s episode which actually made me cry.

The preview for next month is excellent too; I can’t wait to find out more about the arcade resident florist and his family issues! All in all another great episode, waiting with baited breath for the next!

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