Tuesday 7 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book When You Need Something Light and Fun

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. I'd love to hear what made it on your list, just leave me a comment and I'll visit and find out!

There are definitely timeswhen I just want to escape with a really light, fun and easy read-a book I canpick up on a Sunday morning and read lazily with a big mug of tea. I’m reallypleased this was a Top Ten Tuesday theme because I think sometimes light andbreezy reads can be underrated, scorned for being a ‘beach read’ or ‘fluff’ whenin fact, everyone needs something to escape with from time to time.

1. Anything by Lindsey Kelk.Her I Heart series (New York, Hollywood,Paris, London)is fabulous and fun! Angela Clark is a great character to get along with and heradventures and scrapes make for a great read. Plus these books are so fastpaced, and hard to put down that they are definitely read-in-a-day material!

2. The Arcadeby Kitty Charles. This monthly novella series is brilliant! High-drama,romance, sex and released once a month for a bit of light reading just when youneed it. If you haven’t discovered this e-book series yet, and you are lookingfor a light-read, you can’t go wrong with The Arcade!

3. Jane Costello. Havingrecently had a bit of a Jane Costello marathon, I’ve discovered that, whilsther books do deal with very real issues such as adultery, alcoholism and theloss of loved ones, they do so in a way that doesn’t cause the reader anystress or anxiety and the female characters in her book are so funny and easyto read that it makes anything by Jane Costello definitely fall into the Lightread category!

4. Ali Macnamara. Her booksare fabulous and have so many references to chick-flicks and the hot guys theycontain, I defy any reader not to have fun reading her novels. From NottingHill With Love Actually, Breakfast at Darcy’s and From New York with LoveActually are all great novels, and her new novel Step Back in Time looksfabulous fun too!

5. Alexandra Potter. Her novels are full of fabulously fun females and the extra ingredient that makes them all the more light-hearted? Magic? I reviewed all of Alexandra Potter's novels over on The Sweet Bookshelf, or you can check out my reviews on my goodreads page, but I can guarantee that any of these novels you pick up, you'll have a good time reading them!

6. Another whole author section... any novels by Madeline Wickham. All of these novels that were re-released with the Sophie Kinsella name on them, I read all in one sitting. They're just as fun as the Sophie Kinsella novels but just a little bit lighter...

7. Carmen Reid's Personal Shopper Series. If you're looking for something fun and light, you can't really go wrong with spending some time with Annie Valentine and her family. these novels have some events which readers might find completely unbelievable but they are so much fun and with 5 of them to work through now, a lot of laughs is guaranteed.

8. Nicola May. I only discovered this author at the start of the year but I've already read everything she's written. Her novels aren't great long sagas and she manages to tackle complex and difficult topics with humour! You can see my interview with her from last week and her new novel will be reviewed next week. her novels are definitely something you should pick up if you are after something light-hearted.

I think I'll leave it there for this week, as always have a look at previous posts for further recommendations. All the authors I've mentioned this week are definitely worth a read whether you're in the mood for light and fun or not. Let me know what books you put on your list...


  1. Ooh, Alexandra Potter! I've heard so much about her, but never had a chance to read any of her stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I think you're absolutely right about "fluff" reads. They definitely get a bad rap. I don't read them often, but when I do, I almost always come away feeling refreshed. That's why I often sandwich them between two darker reads. Helps keep my reading balanced, you know?