Thursday 9 May 2013

Review! My Single Friend by Jane Costello

Four bad dates. Three sassy women. Two inseparable friends. And one way too successful makeover . . .

Lucy Tyler and Henry Fox have been best friends since primary school. So when he enlists her help to embark on an image makeover, she and her friends Dominique and Erin approach the project with relish. As well as the haircut and fashion overhaul, there are master classes in flirting and seduction.

But none of the girls imagine at the start of ‘Project Henry’ quite how successful it’s going to be. After a shaky start, Henry’s transformation from Lucy’s terminally single friend to an irresistible sex god takes on a life of its own. And Lucy isn’t at all sure she likes it.

It would help if her dates were more successful. Only, between breaking someone’s arm during a YMCA routine and leaving another in casualty, courtesy of an errant chopstick, they’re anything but. With a romantic history like that, is it any wonder Lucy starts to despair when she finds herself living with the man of everyone else’s dreams?

Review: I was given this book by a friend and told that I would really like it. You never know with that kind of book whether you are actually going to like it, or not, recommendations are difficult. I loved it. It was the first book I read by Jane Costello (and the only book I’d read by her for quite a while) and it was a very good start.

The two main characters in the book are instantly likeable, Henry and Lucy. I loved the fact that it was a male/female friendship, you don’t find that often enough in this genre of novels and I thought their relationship in general to be very realistic and something I could relate to! Lucy is a strong female lead in the book, which is something I love and yet her feelings of jealousy and the questions she has when Henry has his makeover were completely relatable! Henry is also a fun character to read about, I like the fact that his personality doesn’t really ever change, I would have loved to have known him in real life!

The idea for this storyline was truly inspired. Normally in this sort of situation, it’s the female who gets the makeover, and so making the guy get the makeover in this case was really refreshing! There were some truly laugh out loud moments and I literally couldn’t put it down-I read it over two days. There were also some fabulously unexpected moments, some real twists which only added to my enjoyment.

Given that this was my first Jane Costello novel, I definitely chose a good one! It was funny, captivating and a thoroughly enjoyable read, why this didn’t lead to me reading any more novels by Costello until now, I don’t know, but I’m definitely going to continue to work my way through everything else written by this fabulous author!

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