Wednesday 19 June 2013

Faking It Making it event with Cora Carmack

On Thursday 13th June I hot-footed it to Random House publishers to a fabulous event hosted by Ebury with Cora Carmack. She was there to talk about her latest book Faking It which was released the week before. The event was very popular and the room was filled with fans an bloggers as she spoke to us about her latest book Faking It as well as her first novel Losing it. It was a real treat to hear her talking about her writing process and the inspiration behin both novels.

She told us that she wrote Losing it in just three weeks, and that was after writing it by hand! She found that there was a gap in the market between YA and adult fiction, she wants dot write something about college age people because when she was in college, she really struggled to find anything out there for her as a reader. She then read from both books and much laughter and appreciation from the audience ensued...

Bloggers and fans were then able to ask questions. Cora was so detailed in her answers, it was lovely to see an author taking so much time out for her fans! She was asked about whether she found it harder to write as a male or as a female. She said that initially, Faking it was going to be written entirely from a male point of view, but that she felt too intimidated to do this and so that's how it ended up as a dual narrative. She was asked a very though question about whether she would go for Garrick or Cade and she very diplomatically decided that she would like a bit of both!

Cora then went on to talk about what she's working on at the moment. She told us about her novella which is written from Kelsey's point of view (Bliss's friend from Losing It) and that full novel number 3 will come out in October, with another novella out in January. Exciting times ahead for Cora Carmack Fans then!

We were then treated to some drinks and activities in the other room which included a Faking It booth, revealing things we had or hadn't faked. Decorating Faking it covers with famous faces as well as pretty shiny things. There were cupcakes and cava, and Cora mingled with her fans, signing books and talking about her plans for future novels! We were lucky enough to take home goody bags containing copies of the books, a condom in a Losing It cover, love hearts, and a fabulous Barry M nail varnish (Barry M sponsored the event).

It was a fabulous evening. Thank you to Ebury for hosting it, and that you very much to Cora for being lovely and singing my book!

You can follow her on Twitter @CoraCarmack and don't forget to check out both of her best selling novels. I have recently posted reviews of both!

Keep your eyes on the blog for a giveaway of Faking it coming soon!

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