Thursday 20 June 2013

Review! Gold Star by Josh Evans

Star leaves the city for nowhere, she just needed to get out. Along the way she found a new circus to join, a collective of rock n roll royalty, the coolest music scene in the world up there in the Joshua Tree....

Review: I was lucky enough to be sent this book as part of the blog tour! I thought a novella about Rock and Roll/coming of age sounded really interesting, you know I am always up for trying something new! The novella wasn't really to my taste, but I really enjoyed reading something different, from a different point of view.

Star leaves the big city and the novella is a series of events that she goes through and Pete that she meets. It seems quite daunting meeting all these new people, musicians and managers and the people associated with that whole world. She seems to take it all in her stride through and believes that her grandfather is there guiding her through the whole thing, I found the belief that he was there the whole way through quite admirable, and shows the faith that Star had in him, and herself.

Some of the musicians that she met seemed like typical musicians, and she feels Awfully young to be thrown into a world of drink and drugs, but she gets on with it. There are a few moments where I felt a little uncomfortable for her, and was tempted to step away from the story but she comes though it all. Things do eventually get on top of her, but she finds her own way of dealing with that.

As I said, the novella wasn't really my kind of thing, but I would imagine that if you are into the world of music and coming of age type things, this would be a quirky little read for you. My only really criticism was that it ended rather abruptly. I would have liked to have fond out how things panned out a bit more, it was as if the writer had run out of ink. Perhaps though, he is simply leaving the novella open to develop into something else. A very different read for me, but short and sweet!

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