Friday 12 July 2013

Mini review: The Arcade Episode 7-July

You are cordially invited to the Wedding of the Year...

Leandro di Resta is starting to regret agreeing to design celebrity WAG Sheridan Kinsey's wedding dress. She changes her mind more often than most people blink, doesn't show up for fittings and is by far the most vulgar and brassy person he's ever met. But with an eight page spread in a glossy magazine dangling in front of him, Leandro knows he has to keep her happy.

Tabloid journalists are sniffing around, desperate to get their hands on the wedding plans. Can Leandro get everything to the church on time? Or is he about to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons?

Of course, it being wedding season, this months arcade HAD to cover the arches resident bridal shop! Could it be any other way? This months episode had a very different feel to it. There wasn't as much movement around the arcade, only the one visit to the arcade restaurant and not as many characters playing starring roles, although most of them did manage to get a visit in somewhere along the line-naturally! Despite it having a slightly different feel to it, this was still a great episode, it felt good to be in the hallowed halls of the arcade ones again, catching up with Faith, Danny, Marilyn and the rest of the gang! 

As always there is high drama in this months offering, with celebrity gossip a plenty. There are some classic celebrity demands from our WAG bride, and there is heartache when it is discovered just WHO has been leaking those wedding dress pictures to the press! I would have loved to have seen a little more interaction with the other characters in this episode, but we are treated to the resolve of the Danny romance from last months instalment (no spoilers here) although I have an inkling that the way it is left in July isn't the way it is always going to remain...

If you HAVEN'T discovered the monthly joy that is The Arcade yet-you simply must! It is so much fun every month it literally is like a Christmas special of a soap on every single page. The characters are well-written and well-developed, the plots spectacular and the whole theme of it, actually packs some decent family values and genuinely heartwarming friendship lessons! This months is no expedition to that-although the march episode is still very much the best for me. I suggest you download this gem of a month saga now, and get as hooked on this fabulous idea as I am!

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