Wednesday 3 July 2013

Review! The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison

Don Tillman, 39, a successful but odd genetics prof, designs a questionnaire for his Wife Project: punctual, non-drinker, non-smoker. Rosie, a spontaneous, outspoken barmaid, smokes, curses, and adjusts his clock when he complains about his schedule. Yet an unlikely partnership blooms when Don agrees to help Rosie find her biological father.

Review: I didn't really know what this book was about. I saw it popping up all over twitter and in bookseller charts. I had a quick glance at the blurb and knew that I would have to read this. I'm very susceptible to people talking about books, I know I have to have them. I actually downloaded the audiobook so that I could get through it quicker, and from the first moments I was listening to it, I knew I had unearthed a truly funny Gem!

Professor Don Tillman is a fabulously funny character, and without even meaning to be! It begins with him giving a lecture on Aspergers to a group of Aspergic children and their parents, and it is quite clear to us as readers that, he himself is Aspergic. This had me laughing from the start. The other things he does throughout the book, show clear signs that he is on the autistic spectrum and yet he clearly doesn't know he is! 

When Rosie comes into the story, she turns Don's world upside down, and the results of this are also hilarious. I love how understanding Rosie is of Don's little foibles and I think their interactions are very well written. Don's other colleagues at the university are not as understanding as she is, which is a shame, but also, fairly true to life! 

The beginning of the story moves fairly slowly, and there is a lot of scientific jargon throughout, but this doesn't take away from the humour and the heart-warming moments that take place! I don't want to give too much away, but my highlight is definitely the road trip that Rosie and Don embark on towards the end of the novel-it's fabulously funny! 

If you like The Big Bang theory, especially, Sheldon Cooper, you will love this novel, but I really do think there is something in here for most readers. It's a nice quick read and the humour makes it a nice lacy story, and yet you are not left wanting more. I really hope there will be a sequel as I would love to hear more from Don and indeed Rosie!

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