Sunday 21 July 2013

The Geek Girl Phenomenon

Earlier this year I read the FABULOUS Geek Girl by Holly Smale. I was so impressed with this novel and the way it had no swearing in it so it could be read in schools, I immediately took it into my school for the kids to read. This is what my copy looks like now...

The first pupil I lent it to write me a fabulous review straight away which I also posted on here.

It then was passed around to about another 10 girls and really hit a note with another pupil. She loved it so much that she completely drew the cover and put her review inside.

Here's what her review said:

"Geek Girl is a fantastic story by Holly Smale. It is a story about a geeky 15 year old girl who has found it a little hard getting through two odd days in Moscow. Along the way she realised what she went there for which was to be somebody new and different-it's good to be different and be a GEEK! When she got back, she discovered that friends and family are more important. Little did she know a kiss from Nick (lion boy) was awaiting her!

From one geek to another, I loved this book!

Rated 5/5

I may be 11 but I am like Harriet-DNA=Deaxyriteese Nuclic Acid"

I'm going to order more copies of this for our school library and I think I need to get a new copy for myself whilst I'm at it!

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