Thursday 11 May 2017

Bout of Books Day 3 Update

Day 4's challenge is to create a dating profile for one of my favourite literary characters. So I chose to do one for Libby Lomax from A Night in With...Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe/Grace Kelly by Lucy Holliday.

Username: Libby***

Looking for: a stable guy with his own flat/house, job and car. Certain Moldovan men need not apply! Must have a sense of adventure and believe in a little bit of magic. Contacts in the entertainment industry would be an advantage.

Likes: reality TV, old movies, good food, DIY!

Dislikes: spending too much time with my family, nosey neighbours, new sofas

Day 3 Update

Day 3 wasn't the best of reading days for me, it was a busy day because in the afternoon I went to my first baseball match. It was a great experience, added to by the fact that the home team won so that was exciting, I think I will definitely go again! It did mean that I only had a snatched hour here and there to read.

Nevertheless I read up to page 200 in Asking for it, so that's about 170 pages in addition to what I read during day 2 and hopefully I will finish this off today (am reading it right after I publish this post!)

I also listened to some of Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone. I'm now up to page 140. I've been listening to this on in little bursts and I'm finding it quite frustrating so I may switch to the hard copy for the remainder of the reading...

So no more books finished but getting very close to finishing one and I picked up another book from the library yesterday so I may just have to start that one because I am so so excited to read it (this was the one I was supposed to read during the 24 hour readathon and then it disappeared from my Kindle so if you've been following my reading, you'll know exactly what that is!)

Total page count for Day 3: a surprising 310

Total books finished: 2

Total page count so far: 931

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