Wednesday 19 July 2017

Guest Review: The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse by Cressida McLaughlin

The charming new bestseller from the No.1 bestselling author of The Canal Boat Cafe
Robin Brennan has come home to Campion Bay. Now her parents have retired, she’s set to become the new landlady of The Campion Bay Guesthouse.

Bookings have been as thin as the hand towels, and it doesn’t take long for Robin to realise that the place needs a serious makeover. Perhaps throwing herself into the task will help to heal her sadness at the tragic end to her dreams in London.

As she gives the guesthouse a new lease of life, Robin encounters old friends and new, including old flame Tim, who’d clearly like to reboot their romance. But what about Will, the new arrival at No. 4, who’s rocked up with the cutest dog ever?

Caught up in a flurry of full-English breakfasts and cream teas, Robin’s never sure what, or who, the next check-in will bring…

Review: Another heart-warming story from Cressida McLaughlin, this time set in a little Dorset seaside town. Like her previous books, this one was originally published as an e-serial in 4 parts, but the whole story is now available in both ebook and paperback formats, giving the reader the choice. However, if you choose the ebook, you will miss out on the fabulous cover of the paperback, which feels nice as well as looking really attractive, and invites you inside to read about the marvellous seaside location it depicts. 

The lead female in the story is Robin Brennan, who has returned to Campion Bay to help her parents run their ailing guest house, having just folded her London-based events company. She realises that if it is to succeed, the guest house needs a complete makeover, and sets about making it into the most luxurious sounding destination, with some unique features. The seafront road where the guest house sits is also home to a few other businesses, the proprietors of which are all friendly and interesting characters. They include Robin's great friend, Molly and her daughter Paige, the father and son who run the Greek restaurant, and the couple who run the coffee shop. There is also a rather interesting crazy golf course on the doorstep. Of course, no romance would be complete without the addition of one or two eligible men around. Robin has the choice of her ex, Tim, and new neighbour, Will; they are very different, but I know who I would choose. 

This really is a lovely story. In fact, as it says on the cover in no less than three places, it could definitely be described as 'warm'. I found it easy to read, and the characters in the story were all believable and, almost without exception, extremely likeable. Unless Cressida actually found a hotel boasting rooms such as those Robin creates in the story, she has a great flair for design of which I am envious.  Of course, not everything is plain sailing for Robin and her friends, but the twists and turns are of the type that add interest to any narrative. 

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